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wonder if this works on a US iphone. all you have to do is call 911 twice and risk jail time
Makes one wonder how they even discover this hole. Is somebody calling 911 and pressing power buttons all day, just in case it might trigger something cool? What else are these people doing?

At any rate, this is so convoluted that I wouldn't worry about it. Talk about an over-hyping article.
But they said this sort of thing only happens on Android phones.
Thanks for the info on how to open a locked phone. Now when I steal one I don't have to throw it away!
if you steal one you just have to put it in DFU mode, connect to itunes and wipe it clean

i did it with my 4S a few months ago before i sold it. forgot the passcode and just wiped it clean via my laptop
It's a feature, meant to be there.
Anyone who has the time to do all these steps has too much free time on their hands. 
I was confused after the first step. 
However, thanks for the warning. :)
I'm wondering how this is 'news'.  It's not like Apple products are known for their security (Witness the problem that iCloud caused a person when someone hacked it).  Their only real claim to fame is they don't get many viruses because they're in a walled garden.
Crapple fail again . I am sure there will be more flaws to come. Icrap, ifail ,Idontgiveashit
hide your kids, hide your wife....
I'm sure there's a lot more security flaws with ios that the hackers are keeping to themselves. 
Linda Russo is a prime example of your basic apple person she gets confused how to do this Linda its called reading paying attention maybe hooked on phonics would work for you
Easier access engineered specifically for our police state!
Tinfoil hat? Nah, just reality. It gives access to pretty much everything big brother would want to grab.
If and when this comes out it will be spun as "to help access important information that could save somebodies life" bullshit.

+Torben Gundtofte-Bruun. The most likely scenario is they have gained access to the coding and can see the flaw in the code not through trial and error. 
Unbelievable. Hurry up apple get an update going soon please
This is clearly just a misunderstanding. Apple products have none of these "flaws" that plague lesser devices!
You are doing it wrong. It's meant to be like that. We are already working on a patent to cover this method.
`a`?  or `many` security holes.  I'd stand up in court and say it is more than one.  Would Apple stand up in court and say it has `a` security issue as that would be silly.

Time breaks everything, even people.
Just how bad can Google + and what's hot get??? This post is already on three times right now. It's now getting worse than Facebook, so those of you who do complain about Facebook, think twice from now on. Facebook is getting better than Google +...... 
+cliff kirby : You realize you can control how frequently posts from "What's Hot" show up in your stream, right?
No I didn't? But I use a mobile rather than a pc, does that matter? 
+cliff kirby : Yes and no: while you need to visit the full web version of Google+ to accomplish changing the setting, you can do so on your phone's web browser. Navigate to the "Explore" section on the left and use the slider at the top of the page. This works the same way as the sliders for all of your circles.
+Aaron Jaeger i don't have the explore option. I am using a galaxy note 2 if that helps? I have looked at my settings but there does not appear to be anything like that to alter my stream. 
this is exactly why I don't get the latest until it has been out for a bit
I wouldn't call it a gaping hole.  The person has to go through quite a bit to actually do it in the first place.  First they have to get a hold of my phone, then they actually have to remember the procedure, and even then they can just see my contacts and photos.  I've got all that stuff backed up.  All they can really do is prank me a bit.
This is gonna mess up someones Valentine's day LoL
Some of you people are just ridiculous. iFail here, iCrap that, you tke a dump on anything not Android but won't acknowledge that Android still doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy, lacked a whole calendar month in 4.2.1, has huge battery drain problems, etc.

Apple is far from perfect, but this fanboyism is beyond reason. Clearly you have nothing better to do with your lives than hang out on G+ all day looking for occasions to take a lead on Apple. Shame.
+cliff kirby : I'll send you a personal message. I don't want to pollute this comment stream any more.
+Karl Dagenais mate why shouldnt we... apple and their fans have portrayed themselves superior to android for example instagram, flipboard comments etc (technically mocking android user).now things have changed.
And through this mocking we android fans are sending message that apple iphone are not god phones they are like regular phones only thing apple charges shit loads of money. 
+Del Carter Apple had a passcode-lock problem on an older iOS too..... when Jobs was still around.
Why is the ios 5 graphic used instead of the ios 6 graphic?
After 30 minutes of following the steps listed I gave up. I guess my timing was off. 
+Linda Russo how is that in anyway difficult or time consuming?
Hit the dial an emergency number button
Hit end call
Turn the screen off then on

Your done. grats
Lol. That's wht they get "Shout out to Google Earth"
This doesn't work on my iPhone 5...... apparently only works on the british version of iOS6.1.
Has anyone actually tried to confirm this on their iphone running iOS6.1?  I couldn't get it to work, and I tried about 6 times.  I think it's pure rubbish.
Why spreading this? Why is this being news? I can access your info with my Android wirelessly even if your phone is locked using another trick and nobody cares about that! Is there is a new trend of bashing Apple these days. I don't give a crap about Apple but this is starting to get annoying!
Apple keeps claiming flawless security, that's why!
So - don't lose your phone.  Seems easy enough.
Flawless security? Apple never use that on any Tv Ad or even inside the store. They say Mac OS isn't the most popular OS so the mayority of viruses aren't for it. Every OS isn't perfect or you think updates are free candy?
I love my Nexus 4. No shovelware. It's my phone to what I want how I want.
I know this is way off topic but what's 4 or samsung galaxy s3? I have an old blackberry and I think it's time for me to upgrade. I don't like Apple products so that's not even a discussion. 
+Dale Medina get a Nexus 4. Galaxy S3 is already like 8 months old and is about to get updated to a S4. the Nexus 4 is future proof for atleast 2-3 years, not 6-8 months like samsungs galaxy line
Rob Go
A lot of people have gaping security holes.
And suddenly all the crApple fanboys look a little less smug.
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What's new? Bashing Apple products on a Google platform. The reason I gravitated to Google + was to get away from all this nonsense on Facebook.  
Rob Go
^ I thought Facebook was full of old grandmas sharing recipes?
No, the grandmas spend all their time trying to find the security flaws on their android phones.
It's not just 911... they mean while at the emergency only call screen, you can dial 211, 221 any combination! And no, this can happen to any phone!
These sort of things are going to happen to any company that spends more $$ on litigation than it does on R&D. If apple's focus continues be litigating over every little thing you can expect more issues like this & the recent maps fiasco.
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