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Watch these quadcopters flip a reverse pendulum into the air and catch it (no, seriously, watch) -
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J'ai essayé de fabriqué une à plusieurs reprise ,sans succès  
Fantastic engineering, couple that with some AI and it gets really interesting.
Can't wait till they're weaponized ...
Very gnarly. 50 miroadjustments/s, I think he

Purty neat.
I have a much better quadricopter. Called the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. 
I see a Mission Impossible movie here. 
Amazing how Control Engineering has come on in the 35 years since I graduated!!
Skynet indeed.. their ability to balance is pretty incredible.
I hope were as good at designing the ai that goes with the robot. 
thats pretty cool
Amazing feat of robotics control - but I want to see it happen with full-size helicopters!
This is brilliant. Fantastic engineering!
Fran G
I love how they're finally SLOWLY leaking the technology they've been keeping from us for numerous amounts of years.
Soon they will be autonomous and have frickin lasers attached to them. 
It won't be long before I'll be living in bushland hoping the robots don't come to kill me for the land.
Berry mathematics 
What a fantastic creation it is!!!
SS Spal
3 idiots.............this is very nice (remoty helly with camera)
Never know when to buy as it gets outdated before opened:(
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