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It's been long known.  Google belief preservation, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance for more.
Privately funded Studies find that The majority of so called mainstream "Studies" are funded by the entity's that are being questioned!...
I have a hard time believing this. 
Humans are not interested in believing what is true.  They are interested in believing what makes them comfortable.
+Ryan Light
--- your comment made me laugh
I don't think that you should laugh at people ignorancies.
As everyone, you don't know everything at all.

This said, I agree with you that most informations could be find via internet.
However, we should not use smartphone to go to the internet unless we do knwo what we are doing.
Smartphone are not secure enough...

+Jeff Grundman
And precisely, human are wounded when it is the opposite of their believes.
Truth stabs our beliefs.
+A. KADALKA +Matt Mallory was making a funny joke...... nice job.
The end of the world its coming 12/21/12, represent our ye shall all perish!
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