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Report finds iPad mini and 4th gen iPad each took 2% of Apple tablet market share in November -
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yay first comment...
100% of Apple products sold were Apple.
the iPad 2 is still a great device, had it since a couple months after it was released.I just upgraded to the 4th gen in November, but i still have my 2 (giving it to little sister for christmas)

also its cheaper, so im not that surprised
I'm having my iPad 4 delivered this week they have to do something really spectacular to get me to upgrade in subsequent years

Hopefully Apple will finally learn something, but probably not. That's what they get for trying to leech out the iPad 3 crowd, myself included.
how about a break out vs the broader market ? Android
Recently switched from iPad to Nexus 7. Very happy with it so far.
I just love using my Samsung. It's so useful. Really!
They are not available in all countries yet, in Taiwan we're still waiting for the mini and iPhone 5...
+Christopher Harquail Have you read the article? This is nothing unusual. Not only is the device not available everywhere around the world, which affects the actual sales, but now we have 3 generations of iPads out there, naturally the percentage of the newest generation will be smaller, it's simple mathematics. What should Apple have learned according to you?
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