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What do you think is next?

Better yet - what would you like to see next?
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Id like to see a completely new type of fulethat can be universal... cars, cell phone batteries, flashlights, something new and amazing that anything "powered" could benefit from, then sit back and watch all the brand new innovation happen all over the place...
New battery tech is unlikely +Paul Burke +Lance Joshlin  Nikola Tesla invented worldwide wireless electricity... but JP Morgan realized it couldn't be monetized or "metered" properly.  So, any advance in battery tech is all just foreplay, IMO.  Our cars and our gadgets should tap into some global energy source, somehow.  This universe is too big to not have free energy.  :-D  Happy New Year.
I would like to see 'old technology' used to a better advantage rather than making toxic landfill. Surely if it was good enough to send man to the Moon it can be used to improve the lives of those in third world countries. Oh, and free wifi worldwide.
I'm with +David Green on this one. We have to find a way to be more resource efficient. And on the battery issue, we need to do something about the too powerful diesel lobby before we make real progress there.
I would like to see technology that actually addresses truly large and significant problems, not another social/gamification/check-in for everyday interactions or building a better mobile gaming platform. We have real problems to solve and its time we refocus on solving them with innovation rather than making a better mousetrap to amuse ourselves. That's what technology is for; humans build tools for a reason. If I were to pick one of many giant challenges we have, I'd pick clean energy: there's simply so much room for innovation.
+Michael Meehan I totally agree with you on this.  My top vote would be to use technology to figure out how to protect humanity from unrestricted technological advancement.  For example, 'The Grey Goo' as one candidate.  Synthetic Biological Attack is another.  Nano-fiber poisoning is another.  AI-Gone-Rogue is another.  These are the kinds of threats that the future holds in store.  Our brightest minds should be diligently at work figuring out what technologies are feasible to protect humanity from them, or if there is no theoretical defense, at least warning us of that fact.  Loudly.  Better, though, to produce the defenses, because nothing is going to stop their development, and all of the resulting unintended consequences.  A good starting point for what the threats are is Bill Joy's article "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us".
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