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We're getting very close to the perfect MacBook. What do you think? -
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Just not my cup of tea; China Slaves/and PROFITS in the Billions.
Too expensive. Mac mini is the only apple PC I buy. I can get a really good laptop with arch Linux installed for 500 quid.
Unfortunately, they have taken a step back with some of their latest OS mods IMO.  They continue to lock more and more things down and I have found it much harder to do some of the stuff that I want to do.
Sorry, I would rather buy a cheap PC & put Haiku or Linux on it
I have the perfect MBP, I boot into Windows 8. Now it just works.
Actually, no. There's no inbuilt ethernet & they've messed it up by putting connectors on right side also, instead of just the left. Given how relatively desk-bound most laptops are, it's a step backward from the previous models.
That looks like Apple talk:
A 3.5' screen is the perfect size because your fingers can only reach that distance! Ups, my mistake, 4' is the perfect size!
The perfect ppi is 326, no need to go further, your eyes can't distinguish! Yep, say that to a Nexus 10 or that HTC with 440 ppi. 
I had a Macbook Pro 2010, it was almost perfect, then I tried with a Macbook Air 2012 and it sucks. Horrible USB problems and a lot of screen freezes.
So I guess the consensus here is that Apples new MacBook sucks?
Weight still a problem. We have been comparing with MacBook Air?  Kindly compare and share, and versus Samsung #Chromebook and others?  Thank you each and all for your helpful posts herein please.
When people say they "prefer" one computer or another, kindly be as "consumer detailed" as possible, in as plain english as possible.  Thank you for sharing, genuinely appreciated.
+Emmett Pickett , When somebody shows you a picture of a cheap knock off car to your great automobile and you say 'no thanks' I'll keep mine just fine'. Do you then have to do a compare/contrast of both like items? 
+Frank Milton yes I think I see what you are sharing.  See, we have been Mac people for a number of years, but need now to take limited resources and decide to get a new computer.  In recent times, not for personal pursuits, I have come to "accidentally" be using a PC.  Frankly, it seems much more cost-effective and reliable than I had remembered the experience years earlier.  So in good faith, I am trying to compare, especially in light of Windows 8 announcements and that I hear Apple post-Steve Jobs is having previously just about unheard of "reliability problems" actually reminding me of yesteryear's PCs...well, I am genuinely trying to figure this out -- again on a limited budget.  Thanks for your patience and helpful sharing and all herein.  For example, what someone earlier herein posted about MacBook Air USB problems; that was concerning, and helpful that the person posted it.  That's exactly the kind of "consumer-practical" information we need.  Thanks again to all.
wow...should I say wow...shouldn't I
It's simply the best laptop out there. There can't be anything better than OS X and all the Mac apps. Sweetness par excellence :)
i prefer the girl who commented above me not the macbook :D
yeah, certainly more sophisticated !
Sealed cases meaning no cheap RAM upgrades or hard drive/battery replacements mean I've bought my last apple laptop.
the perfect MacBook would run on Linux!!!!
there is no problem to have a linux on macbook :)
Apple produces overpriced junk, then sues everyone for allegedly copying them....
'Perfect' is too strong a word when describing anything Apple.
As usual, TechCrunch is cheer leading for the evil empire. I wonder how much Apple pay AOL for this? 
We think some websites should be more "profesionnal" in the way they talk about news... This laptop looks normal : should we be drooling over that coz it's made by Apple?
Chromebook only makes sence if you have a permanent Internet conection....
I read they have issues with battery not lasting nowhere near the stated 7 hrs. Lots of complaints on the forum. For that price it needs to be perfect.
Perfect? No Ethernet, no DVD drive, no user upgradable RAM, limited HD space. Apple always sacrifices function for form. It does look good but I don't call that perfect.
the mac is not for productivity or to be networked pointless buy for company's and schools but for the average consumer it may be ok i would prefer to get a mac to put windows on it or linux at that great hardware crap software
I will get a Kindle tablet  to read E-books  since  I have written a few short stories which are at Amazon Kindle Store site.
+Andy Robson I agree, but these are still used. The Pro should be a premium device with all the bells and whistles. Instead they made the Pro similar to the Air. The Pro and Air are so similar I'm not sure why Apple keeps both. On the flip side they are also missing new technologies such as a touch screen.
Yi Wang
A perfect MacBook should be customed parts easily and does not get more pollution.
Rick T
+Paolo Kuslan , +Yi Wang may referred to the new MacSafe2.  It's slightly different than the MacSafe at the connection.  Unlike the Lightning charger, MacSafe 2 doesn't provide any improvement other than slimmer connection.  But the 90º cable in the old MacSafe is neat.  It's important for Apple not to keep changing accessories such chargers.  It hurts the environment and hurts consumers financially.
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