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Microsoft, the web is no longer good enough; Windows RT needs apps and fast -
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Is there a single place of Win apps?
If I search for "windows apps", I get a variety of links, but it's hard to find the right ones, properly grouped?
Windows 8 is a product I wanted to hate, but liked in spite of myself. It'd be a shame to throw it away at the last hurdle. More apps please! 
Agreed. I'm constantly frustrated with Windows 8 because the apps aren't there to get work done. They should have been in place before Windows 8 was released. :( 
Erich W
windows needs a better more organized app store 
I've experience with the world of iPhone and Android.
I'd like to give a try with Win8 apps, but still unsure where exactly to find all apps available, properly grouped?
I don't get developers.
Windows RT is such a great platform.
Show us your creativity!!!
Yea, I like when I search for "weather" in the Apps store and things for gaming websites come up first. 
+Dirk Mortensen gotta say its one of the things I have to admit that Blackberry did right with their Z10 release -- getting developers on board with apps for the store before launch.  That said, I'm not rooting for either system.
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