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TC Makers: Engineering the perfect iPhone cover at Element Case -
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Impressive! It actually enhances the already incredible iPhone 5, which is design-wise a perfect phone.
Yeah...perfect design-wise as long as you ignore all the easy scratches along the surface.
Covers are needed to get this mini-phone looking like something indeed.
Btw it's an Apple product which censors free speech and sues everyone to death not talking their way.
Your going to need one to protect that fragile piece of shit. 
Hi +Anuj Ahooja - we help protect against scratching the aluminum surface of the iPhone 5 by including a set of Rash Guards adhesive protectors with each case. And our cases also have back plates, +Nick Copelin , that protect the rear of the phone as well. :)
I do idiot! Dont b mad that u can't afford 2 go iPhone! Maybe one day u all can step up from your $30 mo. pre-paid 2 big boy phones when u grow up?
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