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Do you feel like you should be able to use your electronic devices on airplanes? 
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Let's keep the rules I really don't want to have to listen to loud cellphone talker on the flights I am on.
There was a discussion about this not long ago and what I got out of it is that these rules are more in place in order to make sure that people are attentive during take off and landing since those are the two key moments in a flight and we need to be able to react fast in case of problem. In my opinion  we should be able to use small devices such as tablets (up to 10") and cellphone (airplane mode if you want) and mp3 players as they are not hindering our movements. However I see reason in forbidding to use big devices during those moments. 
The fact to use earphones is also debatable in the way that you need to hear what's going on in the plane but then listening to Adèle doesn't make you deaf. 
Just like the cell phone in the hospital. 
I don't mind keeping the electronic devices off during takeoff since they need people to pay attention, besides it really takes about 5-10 minutes max. What kills me is the landing, it seems like planes fly below the 10 thousands feet like for 30+ minutes, it it just too long! 
While may be not all electronics could interfere with the avionics and instruments, my husband, who is a commercial airline pilot, did have the experience that someone's texting (data transmitting via phone radio frequency) interfered with the radio communication between the air traffic control tower and the plane.

There were also some speculations that cell phone signal might be able to set off the fire alarm in the cargo area (at least in some planes).

The idea really is during takeoff and landing, which are the most dangerous times of a flight, people should be alert and aware of what's going on around them, and not bury their heads in their Gameboys, iPods, laptops, iPads, whatever.  As a captain once said, if someone is so freaking important to not able to stop messing with his electronics for 20 minutes, he should hire himself a private jet, then he can do whatever he wants during takeoff/landing/anytime during flight.
Has no one heard of a fucking Faraday Cage?  Jeez...
Have you ever seen the wording on the back of a device that operates with electric frequencies? "This device MUST accept any interference.." And that's an FCC statement. So, that wording must be obsolete now, correct?
Definitely. We live in an electronic world where we're all plugged in all of the time
Its all fun and games until the 16 yr old  wont shut up on a 12 hour red-eye...The planes may now be able to resist the interference but 300 people locked in a tube with nowhere to go tend to become...grumpy lets say
They should just sedate everyone that has to fly in coach on a long flight. It is the only humane thing to do.
+Scott Winberg you hit the nail on the head. As much as I'd like to be able to use my device, having half the plane yapping on their phones would be unbearable. 
I am ok with the use of electronic devices on planes if they are silent. That means no voice based communication, audible music or video, etc. 
It's a Far Cry that a Gameboy can spell Doom to an aircraft taking off.
So... you're saying FarCry 3 will spell doom for aircraft now? 
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