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A new video showcasing the future of weapons was released on YouTube today: a 24-year-old gun enthusiast manufactured his own high-capacity 30-round gun magazine using a 3D printer. 

What are your thoughts on this?
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fud .. imo .. 

i hear all sorts of articles trying to scare people about 3d printing .. 

its a play by the manufacturers of the world to keep prices of manufacturing high and your ability to print your own stuff down .. 

i look forward to printing y own stuff in the next few years.
Can't 3D print bullets though can you?
Good job. I can barely make crap out of playdoh.
He needed the 3D printer for the realistic effects.
No you can't 3d print bullets but you can cast your own out of lead wheel weights. Easy and cheap.
Ironically, the same innovation that many like to claim for themselves when they take someone else's good idea and expand on it (freedom) is besmirched when it creates something actually designed to protect freedom.  
You can print the slug and casings but you need to put in the powder and assemble the bullet itself....
A 3d printed cartridge case would blow apart in all but the lowest pressure handgun loads like the .380 auto. Bullets need to be as heavy as possible or they don't penetrate for crap, which is why they're made from lead.
A mfg debuted some polymer casings at SHOT last year.  Interesting, but like this mag, an expensive alternative to stamped metal.  
Personally I would never consider a 30 round magazine high capacity but I would consider this dude to be a high capacity 3d printer operator lol
I like that. Let's see how fast the 3D printing industry becomes covered in red government tape.
Let's make 3D printed tools.  Not weapons please.
Just shows that not all gun enthusiasts are stupid rednecks. 
I think some of you are missing the point. Bullets are not going to be banned, so no reason to make them. 
It's not the guns, it's not the ammo, it's the psychopathic people shooting them that they need to have more control over instead of letting the mentally ill walk the streets. Someone who has to deal with them every day can tell you that.
Holding a gun doesn't necessarily make anyone a pyscopath. It makes him just a man with a gun. In western world we hold a weapon anytime we seat for lunch...still stabbing crimes aren't proportional to eating habits.

Sure someone can find reassuring that to get a gun is not like buying silverware. I'm one of those people actually. But at the same time I realize that "when a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger". So the "solution" is let's control those fingers right?
I love it.  Technology decentralizing control of power, just as it has decentralized control of knowledge.
3D printing, like many other things, can be abused. There will be an onslaught of 'fake' things that have very real capabilities with very tragic results. 
It would be quicker to make a magazine from a sheet of steel and common tools really, and you wouldn't need an expensive 3D printer either. 
I love when everything goes McGyver...
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