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Analyst: 5-Inch+ phones will more than double marketshare in 2013 — 60M incoming, up 136% -

Do you think you'll ever own one?
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I don't see why not.  I certainly wouldn't put my phone into my trouser pocket even if it does fit..... it stays in my jacket or clipped on my belt in its holder.....So yes, I could be quite comfortable with one of these....

I remember when I first received by HTC Hero all those years ago....the screen looked massive!
I have already enough: a Galaxy S3, Gal. Tab 7 and iPad. 5" is good for those who need for something between iPad and iPhone, for instsance
I've the S3 too.... very nice piece of kit.....and you are right it is a decent size.....I think though if I'm going to have to live with touch keyboards, a little larger screen will never hurt...
Never, to uncomfortable - i prefer 4.3" this is the perfect size for my workflow
Wanted to get a phablet but decided against it. Unlocked it costs too much and I don't want one with a contract. Once prices become competitive, anything smaller than 4 inches will be obsolete
+Andre Jansen I'm pleased you ended that with "workflow" it could have been taken out of context....
The minute my current contact expires!
Just got a Note 2 the other day. Took me about 3 days to get used to the size but now I can't even look at other phones, they seem like toys.
I think they are amazing. The amount of apps out today that would look 100% better on a bigger display is massive! 5 inch all the way 
The phones too wide to be used comfortably in one handed operation IMO 
Been using 5+ screens since the note was first released like +Eric Windsor said, the rest seem like toys. And +Trevor Henry I am typing this on my note 2 easily with one hand (given I have piano fingers). 
Rise of the phablets. Will I own one? Don't know.  They're just TOO big. There will be a rise bags for those things too.
Using SwiftKey Flow it's a piece of cake to type with one hand on my Note 2
+Scott King I'm using a Nexus 4 with banana fingers and typing one handed means I have to constantly shift hand positions and cradle the bottom of the device till I strain tendons when tilting the screen vertically..the phones too wide imo.
I'm using a nexus 4 (4.7 inch screen) now. I could probably go up to 5.5 as 4.7 is quite alright for me to use one handed. 
I can wait to look arrive by this number Verizon this way I can get my first 5 inches I'm looking forward to it
Renee A
I'm trying to get used to the Gs3, it's a big phone. However with the jelly bean upgrade the phone just became more intriguing.
I'm considerig grabbing the Galaxy Note 2 and putting an extended battery in it.
irish d
I always type with two hands in my note 2 but with a keyboard like Keymonk that's like a multi touch swyping I'm doing fine. love my note 2. glad I chose it over the nexus 4. I think i can even go slightly bigger. just slightly, mind.
Jovan W
+Bernhard Erös have you tried a screen that is 5" or larger?
love my note and will love my note 3 when i get it! it might be over 6"!
+Mark Calvelo no need for an extended battery. It's the first phone I've had since a flip phone a decade ago that lasts me all day. 
My note 2 is the best phone out there for suited for my needs. Cant go for a phone less than 4.7".
My galaxy S3 screen size is enough for a phone
fu piao
5" have a better view when watch movie clip or playing game.
mac zac
had G Note and now hardly trying to get used to slightly smaller G Note II. - cant imagine to get phone wit any smaller screen.
The web, multimedia and reading experience on the Note/Note II is absolutely amazing - and yet device is so pocketable!! 
Renee A
I hear you guys but doesn't it look weird for a woman to have such a big phone?
Absolutely not. Put a pink case on it :-) 
Renee A
Lol Eric you sure love your android phones. I can understand this phone does way more than the iPhone so I'm trying to adjust.
Renee A
I did a factory data reset on my Gs3 and it's working beautifully now. What a wonderful phone.
mac zac
+Mark Calvelo i guess typical use means different thing for  different people - I have unlimited data therefore my tether is almost continuously on... have 4 online  accounts with direct push and some services with 1 or 2 hours sync period. Today my Note 2 was on for 10h and battery status is 71% - but i have used it lightly today. The screen "time-on" is only 57m and it consumed 19% of the battery. The screen is usually a battery drainer but the phone can last easily one day with quite long screen time-on. Since I have used only 30% of the battery today I would say it may last for over 2 days! But in 90% of the time I have to charge every day.
If you want to play game the phone will discharge within few hours.
+Mark Calvelo the note 2 is lasting me all day on one charge. About 12-14 hours of vigorous mixed use of data and voice. Days with abnormally long or frequent phone calls can drain it faster of course but I never need more than half a charge a day midway through.

I used to go through 3 full batteries a day with my nexus. 2-2.5 with my gs3.

This thing has changed my world. Greatest phone I've ever owned and I've had them all. Every blackberry. Every iPhone except 3g. And too many android devices to remember. 
Until Lasik comes up with a procedure for AGE RELATED visual impairment (the last thing I read was that the "reading glasses" liberating procedure is at least five years away) larger screens are going to fill a consumer need.
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