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Microsoft has lost it again. What do you think? -
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Microsoft seems to be in the middle of a civil war... One part seems to want to make real changes, and updates to its business model. The other just wants everything to stay the same and spend money trying to convince the world that change is bad. 
Shame on you Google. What's motivating this? I don't get it.
It's not regular search they're talking about it's Google shopping, companies have to pay for their results to come into Google shopping to find products, if a company wants to sell things via Google it makes sense they should pay for it or if any corporation wants to use Google products they should pay for it. It means consumers get to use Google products for free and keeps Google+ add-free
i hate it when they listen to balmer's deliriums. and give action to them. they should stick in implementing the non metro interface of win8 for old pc's without touch in a service update. the os is a great leap forward. thank god in europe comparative ads are agains eu regulations. so we don't get this shit. 
Like TechCrunch says, this is a full-on assault against Google by Microsoft; now, you only make a move like that when you want to take pressure off of your own shoulders and have very little to back up your own efforts - if Bing was as good as Microsoft tries to sell it, people would flock to it, buyers and sellers included.
Does anyone know if these ideas actually come from Redmond, or do they just have an especially vindictive advertising agency?
Bing there, done that, wasn't impressed, went back to Google.
< cough >
Solution: don't use a major search engine. Use Duckduckgo or ixquick, or even nextag to shop. Shop privately without someone collecting your data.
Microsoft "no product found" service is trying to use an anti-google campaing what fun!!
+Eduardo Carrillo They had a similar campaign against Linux a while back (which went basically nowhere). This is just what they do.

If you want to explore the files of really shady, then just search for (hopefully using Google) their involvement in attempting to make their OpenXML format an ISO standard, and how they worked to "influence" the countries who had voting rights. Really despicable stuff.

Again, it's just how they roll.
+Champ Santos The hate is because people have turned computing systems/companies into something akin to following a religion. Just look at the Apple vs. Android threads to start. MS is clearly trying to capitalize on some of this, although from a marketing standpoint, they have better made some significant changes to Bing. FMOT (first moment of truth) had better be grabbing people in or there won't be a SMOT.
MS taking up the GOP tactics of just making shit up.
Microsoft will be around a long time because just like them, there are many organizations using their products that are relentlessly unwilling to accept change.
That interview of Steve Ballmer on iPhone :D
So this is how smear campaigners earn a living between election cycles?
Fun way to draw awareness and pick at Google's recent initiatives.
Bing isn't bad, but an attack strategy is... I just disagree with the
method of sliming the competition.

Sounds like yahoo search before the fade.
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