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A very special #CES  TC Cribs episode with SmartThings and the "connected home"
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yes, that's a button for feeding your pets. from a phone.
I thought the idea of having a pet was 'interaction'.  The reason a pet seems to love you is because you feed it.  If it is fed remotely then it wont associate the owner with the delivery of food therefore the pet will not display love for the owner.
+Liam Johnson Common sense doesn't apply in this "pop-culture". I'd think it would be beneficial to the owners if they were to feed their own animal, as it shows a sense of trust.
Of course it would be useful in emergencies if you're occasionally home late.  Also keeping water available.
It's useful if he wants to leave his house for days. Instead of installing those app, I would advice him to buy a Tamagotchi.
:D Does it include a little robot that picks up all the shit?
Very interesting automation features. I think that the automatic pet feeder is a great idea. There are other pet interactions that would prove to be more positive and benefical.

Very cool party mode ;)
I think feeding your pet is the most important interaction tbh.
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