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"Now in 2013, people are starting to imagine the next five years of mobile, and it’s clear Google will have many things going for it."
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Jobs was wrong. In 2007 Apple was a nose in front of the competition (barely, no 3G poor reception, a touch screen nicked from LG). Any long time smart phone user knows this, so why continue to peddle this ridiculous marketing hyperbole?
+TechCrunch Google is one of few companies that knows what it is doing, good to see you finally get that.

Now let me spare you your next 10,000 articles: Apple and facebook don't have any clue what they are doing. 
"This isn’t to imply Android is on even par with iOS, but being “good enough” may be all that it needs".

Stopped reading.
I think it's about time for some people to pull their heads out of sand and see that it's not 2007 any more, but Apple didn't change a bit. 
I remember reading it this post the author is saying that ios is still 5 years ahed of Android?! Hahaha what to espect from OS that still don't have bluetooth sharing XDXDXDXDXD and the author should better look around and than talk (by the way i'm still using iOS for second phone but can tell that Android is far far gone)
"...though my bias is iOS is still miles ahead of Android today..."  Wow!  What the hell is he basing that observation on?
I use Android and IOS on a daily basis and one thing is for sure...anyone who says IOS is a superior OS needs their head examined. The limitations with IOS is frustrating. Not only has Android caught up to IOS, it's surpassed it. Sure the apps are still a better experience on IOS but that is changing. In a couple of years people will be saying 'I can't believe we used to compare the two'. As an IOS user for over 4 years I understand why it is hard to accept the fact that Apple is now number two. 
Writer is kind of an idiot. He says iOS is miles ahead of Android...and says nothing to back it up.
This post serves as a good example of the fact that +TechCrunch is still full of retarded Apple fanboys (pardon my language) who can't accept the fact that +Android has already surpassed the iPhone. "iPhone is still miles ahead of Android". Miles ahead of Android in what? App experience maybe like +Matt Brenton said, but Android's already catching up to that. Look at the Nexus phones for instance.
On the basis of this f***ing retarded & biased article, Bye Bye TechCrunch, unfollowed.
As a former news reporter turned PR manager I must say this author is too biased to write this article. I encourage TechCrunch to find a Samsung Galaxy S III fan to write followup article on same subject.
Both +TechCrunch and +The Verge need to pay a little more attention to the Apple bias in their articles. I understand that it is nearly impossible to remove all bias, but this is completely ridiculous.
+TechCrunch Where is your facts to back up your claim "IOS is miles ahead of Android? Please write an article about the top 20 reasons IOS beats Android. After you get stumped on #3 contact me and I'll help you with changing the title to "The Top 20 Reasons Android beats IOS". We could even do a video. 
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