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Google wages war with Apple and the rest of the tablet industry by unleashing the impressive Nexus 7 +Mobile. What are your thoughts on it? -
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It's great for those that need it. My Galaxy Nexus gives my Wifi Nexus 7 internet access. 
Most impressive.

I might give my 16GB N7 a new home and adopt a 32GB+cellular for myself. I'm not enjoying tethering all the time.
I want to check it out and compare side by side.
Glad to see Techcrunch writing so many pro-Google articles....earlier it used to be just pro Apple aka Siegler posts....looks like we have dedicated fanbois now inside TC for each company...let the war begin :)
Tablet with mobile network capability....meh.  I have my phone.  I'm not paying an additional data fee.  So, personally, I love my non-mobile network one, and am very thankful they made one that way.
I have a WiFi only 32GB nexus and it's fantastic, I have my phone for 3G 
Absolutely love it, can't put it down.
+tom stephens Good deal. Im torn.

I have a 16GB Nexus 7 and i maxed out yesterday with movies. I love movies and tv shows on this device. I was thinking of buying a 32GB but I dont want to take the loss. Im on the verge of buying a Nexus 4 and the expense would be too much on the wallet. 
I just ran to FRY's to buy a 64GB flash drive to store my movies and media and can now use it via Nexus Media Importer so now i have 16GB+64GB (80GB total). Yes, it will have a dongle hanging and that might bug me. Hope not. 
I like my nexus 7 but I want to be able to buy books, magazines and music now, not in ayear
It's good to be a consumer!
+Beto Aguirre I mainly use my nexus 7 at home for general consumption, because its much more pleasant than using my phone. So I'm not really fussed about nthaving the 3G, that only sees occasional use on my phone as it is!
Did an actual journalist wrote this article? Tech Crunch you need an editor, when writing a story like this accuracy really is important. There are several very obvious discrepancies.
I love my nexus.. but the play store is downright disappointing
Why is it disappointing? I love it! 
For someone like me who owned an iPad before the nexus ... the apple store completely slaughters the play store.. Google need to do something about that
+Chinenye Felix I think that the play store as it works in Usa is great. I was on vacation in california and used the play stor alot. But I agree in your critic if you compare how it looks in sweden with a tiny appstore and nothing moore
Luckily I never saw apple store. I'm totally happy with Google Play and my Nexus devices and couldn't care less about what they have. Only once saw an app not optimized for 7 inch. I can live with that.
But Apple did have a huge headstart. I just hope Google give catches up soon or at least developes some more
Truly a great device, fits nicely on the jacket's inside pocket.

The Play Books app Is making those subway rides a lot shorter...
I wrote a review of the Nexus 7 on Linux Journal months ago.  Nothing wrong with it as a tablet if you take into consideration the size of it and know how you are going to use it.
As the Ipad Mini doesn't have retina, This doesn't have LTE.  Looking forward the the new LTE Mini I am getting on Thursday.   Wife has the Nexus 7, its just not as smooth as IOS.
For those freaks that like ipads...keep dreaming....Android is now the official market leader if phones and tablets....Remember Windows vs.Mac?....I was a mac freak and it was constant dispointments with apple....never again....Google will erase apple once and for all.
+Ian Meredith thanx for your info, I will try that. But the overall experience is better if google would supply all their products that they show in the icon bar when they create at specific google tablet
I agree +B Gallagher, thats frustrating. Wait for the 10 until it has 3G too, is my suggestion
I already have the iPad2 but I still find the Nexus 7 appealing, its really costly being a tech junkie these days
I'n an apple fanatic, an this article has me seriously thinking about a nexus 7.
Ron W
What are the typical speeds you get with the Nexus 7 with cellular?
I am amazed at how much I love this device. It fits in my suit jacket pocket, is blazingly fast and makes my iPad seem like a relic in comparison.
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