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3D printers are not like 2D printers: a rant -
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They must be angry over the three dimensional TPS reports turning out flat.
I disagree, I can see them becoming a standard household item
The guy with the bat has Matt Smith's hair.
The same picture used in my printer room... 
3D printing is a micro-manufacturing plant on the desktop. Custom action figures created, fully assembled, in the home...

The desire to keep this sort of technology out of the home market is identical to the desire to keep printing as limited as possible just few short generations ago.

Those who currently control mass production are very interested in not relinquishing that control and all of the FUD that is swirling around 3D printing is undoubtedly generated there while those that live in the past fight the future.
+Zach Johnson That IS a beautiful scene but I do love the driving scene with the Geto Boyz, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta as well...
As a 3D artist I love the idea of 3D printers and I'd love to get one. However even for me I don't see how I would use it that often. Where people might use a 2D printer every day, how many 3D objects do you really need? (especially at the quality of home 3D printers)
It won't surprise me that you'll see these in connection with online stores sometime in the future. Instead of the products being delivered to you by postal mail you merely print them with a 3D printer (for a charge of course). This probably won't happen for a long time, but I wouldn't doubt too much that it will happen.
Ok, I'll be the ass who says it. That's a fax machine up there, not a printer. I'll crawl back under my bridge now.
I worked somewhere that had a POS Lexmark Laserprinter that constantly jammed at the wrong times. Just made our lives a living hell. We tried to get permission to "retire" it Office Space style, but corporate was too afraid of someone getting hurt or something.
+Phil Nolan For the miniture wargamer, R/C car enthusiast, model-builder, or other such hobbyist, a 3D printer could be a godsend.

The problem with the quality of such home-manufactured items is irritating, yes, but that has more to do with what the home market is allowed to have.

I am typing this message on the keyboard dock of a tablet computer that represents computing power in excess of the first three desktop systems we had in the house combined.

I have a Bluetooth headset through which I can say the equivalent of "Computer, get me the Captain."

There really is no reason that "professional" and "home" markets cannot be melded into a single market in which only quality products with a long lifetime are ever produced save for the fact that it does not happen. The dichotomy is a false division. Storage, memory, and processor power are becoming so cheap that, very soon, we should all have a supercomputer sitting in the home office. The problem is the disposable culture mentality. Nobody expects an item to last because they are made to not last, be difficult or impossible to upgrade, and they tend to be just expensive enough to replace that to spend more on a "professional" model one could only expect to fail as quickly as the "consumer" version flies in the face of logic.

"They don't make 'em like they used to" should not be a condemnation of the modern age but a statement of relief that things are so much better now.

It is evidence of a sickness in the system that it just isn't that way.


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+Matthew Hales even for enthusiasts I can't imagine having that many things you could print. Like I said I'm a 3D artist and even I would quickly run out of things to print. 
I have a couple boys I could see printing up new toys every week...
3D printers are not like 2D printers.... They are Replicators.. Even a 5 year old knows that lol
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