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For this thing to actually work out it´ll need to be able to fly, do you groceries, let you teleport, and other minor tweaks... Easy...
That would be a seriously bad Christmas present. Don't do it! 
Uh oh... It's a rectangle with rounded corners... I think they just pounded the nails into their own coffin.
Wait my new Rims come with some sort of smartphone?

I haven't found it yet. ;) 
How cute, RIM thinks reservations are necessary.
People may want to see it first before buying...
Reservations work only with new iphones
Why in the world would I do that? 
Can't wait... ... ...
Wow, how embarrassing for RIM. Probably not too late to pull the plug on that project given the negative comments. Gonna be the flop heard round the world!
Haha you guys are hilarious

Seriously though, BB10 is creating buzz and interest around the world and RIM's stock is at what, a 7-month high?  Don't be so quick to write them off.

And +Bob Green, no one here has had their hands on the device so the negative comments here are based on literally nothing.
They're based on the fact (and in my case, much personal experience) that all BB/RIM products in the past have been garbage. My first BlackBerry had to be sent back to T-Mobile four times and it bricked itself, requiring a full wipe and OS restore SEVENTEEN TIMES. No lie, no exaggeration. I'm not alone in that experience, either. There is a reason they have such a bad reputation in the industry aside from their keyboards and enterprise software. They have very little developer support, they make shoddy hardware and the end user experience is nowhere close to on par with android or iOS. The criticism most certainly has reason.
I've had good experiences with BB as both a user and as a 50 user Enterprise Admin. I just think that they are too late to the game now. It takes a long time to make a U-Turn on a ship the size of RIM. I used probably 6 or 7 different BB models before becoming one of the earliest adopters of the Storm. That was my first terrible BB and unfortunately for BB, my exit to Apple's iPhone. I wish them success. I just don't believe it will happen for them.
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