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Whoah, this is huge. China is blocking Google services and users are wondering what's up. 
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I can't remember where I saw this, however, there was a story saying that the Chinese have temporarily removed the window cranks from all Beijing taxis in order to make it hard for people roll the windows down and throw political leaflets out the window while driving through the city. Apparently, the cranks will be re-installed once the party congress is finished.
Something Big is about to be announced during this Congress...
It would be chaos living there.. one day you have access to your email and other services, the next you don't.
What would you guys do if this happened to you???
No "get your Google back" option there I imagine. 
Its a Communist country, no suprise ....
They are living in a country that does not protect freedom of speech.
Hotspot doesn't work, in fact, almost all the free proxies don't work. I just came back from China, glad I did. 
China blocks these web sites because they donot want a revolution like in Egypt, syria etc. 
Welcome to the real world.. Guys most countries operate at such levels as well I know a country where they printed a not so pleasing picture of the first lady on the front page and they burnt every single newspaper at the printing press
Commie bastards. Protective of that Baidu shit. They don't even know what they're missing. 
+TechCrunch lol if it happened to me, here.. I would go on a rampage.. but those Chinese are used to this type of oppression and control I'm guessing.. so probably just another day in da hood for those crazy guys.
Oppression starts slowly eroding your rights one by one. Different policy agendas and events slowly lead to what China is experiencing coupled with instilling fear on its citizens and if you are born in that kind of life that's what you know, nothing else
Business as usual from where I live. Slow, but accessible
Good! Maybe China won't steal their stuff then!
The story about the window cranks in Beijing taxis is hilarious. On which planet do you live? Taxis have electric windows like most other cars in China. 
Unfortunately, by allowing China to manufacture all our goods, we are supporting this restrictive regime.
My Google Account hasn't work since a week ago Thursday how do I get around.d this so I can play Skirmishes...can't buy coins
This is not the first time that china go against google.
Let's just see what 'Anonymous' do about it... ;-) 
+Bryan Matias  tor is blocked too, in fact it was one of the first to be blocked. you can still use it if you can find an open bridge, but thats a pain in the ass and they change regularly. There is a Japanese VPN that works, though I can't remember the name of it. There's also Freebase, but that is full of malware and other junk. I basically just gave up in the end, though if you are willing to pay for a proxy there are a lot of good ones. 
Typical restriction of free speech. Just typical.
china = hell
no, it really does
Is it really news, and is it really "HUGE" when Communist China does whatever they want, however they want??
I used VPN when I traveled to China.  It works very well.  I could use facebook and wordpress.
Yeah, keep blocking! Block, block, block. Block everything! Facebook, tweeter, google! After all, that's the only they can do!
Because they love apple shit?
This is why we Americans, must NEVER allow THIS to happen here in America! We must never allow ourselves to become so comfortable and trusting with our government and/or those running our government, that we then don't pay "close" attention as to what they are "really" up to. Ultimate goals fueled by hidden agendas, rarely come to fruition all at once, but rather begin with "subtle, undetectable changes" and it's only when these subtle changes have accumulated, do we then realise we've been had and when or if this happens, it is usually too late. Therefore, we must always, always guard and protect our rights and freedoms, and when even a tiny aspect of any one of these is jeopardised, we must NOT allow those who wish to strip us of our rights to even get their smallest toe in the back door!
nice pics what a buety
This is insane, i like how China has risen economically but this type of oppression needs to stop 
I have a Chinese friend who talks to everyone on Ham radio haha! 
Terrible. Actually sometimes Google works. But without VPN, Facebook twitter don't work big mess. 
It's crazy, they even started blocking vpn ports recently. OpenVpn gets disconnected like 10 times a day. Can't wait to go to Japan next week, back to culture and civilization.

And yeah everything #Google is blocked, but the weird thing is I can still access G+ without a vpn on my phone.
And I suppose if the Chinese had an equivalent company that spied on every aspect of US citizens lives they'd be happy to let them go about their business unrestricted?
In short Govt. started f*****g Android users. 
Poor thing no tech freedom for Chinese people 
Precisely. A country that is cramming 30+ years of Western development into a few short months is going to surely have unforeseen consequences.

I really don't think they are missing much in finding their own pace to some degree. It'll help delay the inevitable that some day China will command the rest of the world.
As they intended too, as uniformed people don't realize when they got back Hong Kong and all that knowledge from one of the biggest stockmarkets in the world " they got the keys to all the locks! And more to the point every door!
Google should have shut off those cheats long ago. All China has wanted to do is screw America from day one. Ask Trump! Ali and Irwan can go live in China!
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