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+Simon Cousins No, you're gonna have to cross the border to Mexico or Canada and do it there! LOL
+Simon Cousins Jailbreaking isn't illegal.  It's unlocking the phone that is apparently illegal, and even that wouldn't apply if it was bought before that ruling came down.
I thought Jailbreaking and unlocking worked hand-in-hand and were synonymous with each other +DeAno Jackson ?  So, putting a custom ROM on a phone in contract is not illegal under the DMCA ?
+Simon Cousins Correct.  Custom ROMs just change software.  Unlocking phones let's you use them on networks other than the one you bought it from subsidized.  Two different things.
+Jeremy Reger Again, unlocking phones and jailbreaking phones are two different things.  Don't believe me?  Read the article you just linked me to.  

"Fortunately, the same batch of modifications that illegalized unlocking will also protect phone jailbreaking for another three years."
Request to Apple fans
Show your love to Apple and its fat stomach by not jailbreaking the Phone..
+DeAno Jackson thats just for the next 3 years.. the fact is, its illegal, there is a window for both OS's but its illegal
Or you could just get a phone that's not inside a freaking jail to begin with.
Apple is about a curated experience, if you're so keen on wanting things it can't do out of the box, get a top of the line Nexus, Galaxy S3, Droid DNA or similar flagship Android phone(sorry, comparisons with cheap shit $100 no name Android phones are invalid). You can install apps from unofficial 3rd party app stores (at your own risk obviously, as is the case with a jail broken Apple).
And if you're into rooting, the sky is the limit.
+Jeremy Reger Unlocking the phone to use it on another carrier is 'illegal' (whether we'll see this enforced is another question entirely).  Jailbreaking is completely different, and doesn't necessarily mean that you're taking your device to another carrier, and therefore isn't covered under that law.

Jailbreaking =/= Unlocking
Jail break /root = legal
Unlocking phone you OWN = legal
Unlocking subsidized phone that CARRIER owns = illegal

I can root and unlock mine and the wife's s3 till the cows come home, because I own them.

Next phone will be factory unlocked, vote with your wallets people
Wake up! It's your device.
What you going to do when they tell you its illegal to turn the dam thing off or to never leave it at home.
What if it was given away free with these legalities?

Break it, use it, paint it any colour you want.
Its your device.
Yay, Hackers..... sarcasm. My 4s is fine as it is
+Simon Cousins, are you stupid or something? If jailbreaking was and is illegal, cops would fuck anybody who did and tried to. 
Can you jailbreak my Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation? 
jail breaking is so lame....oooooo I get to run apps apple doesn't normally allow, and i can make folder!!
also some phones have their own carrier specific model numbers like the samsung note
Can a jail broken iPhone download an mkv torrent and play it? I very much doubt it. So lame!
Dont get it...... why buy a phone you have to jail break it to enjoy it? :-s
Doesn't jail breaking equal unlocking on iphone? 
Yea it does but it's a free version instead of paying $100s of dollars :-) :-p
Mark C
+Peter Wobacz no. Jailbreaking allows you to install other software and change system settings. Unlocking removes your tie to a particular carrier.
+john diaz You paid for it in full, unlocks are legal. Only contract phones, because it's technically your provider leasing it to you. Funny enough, I've never been asked to hand my phone back when getting a new one, so it's a wierd lease. 
Ken Bonilla I hope you can help. I own a Samsung GS 3 which I paid full price for . The model is sch 1535 but my carrier is Verizon so I think that dcma stuff prevents me from unlocking my phone with verizon. Am I right so far on all of this? As of right now I'm not in a contract with Verizon and paying them once a month. I can't stand Verizon and I would love to check out a few prepaid plans. But I'm nervous that I can't use my phone legally with any other service other than Verizon. You seem to know your stuff about this so hopefully you can help me clarify this.
The iphone should remain in solitary confinement. It is beyond reform. Team Droid.
Technically speaking, just by reading this article, we've already violated the DMCA and should be prosecuted. 
Cydia's being rushed by all the jailbreakers at once. It may take a day or two for things to calm down.
+Gregg Cerenzio Sure, the iPhone is 'fine' all on its own; however, there are many useful tweaks and implementations to the OS that Apple simply refuses to do. I personally enjoy having a jailbroken phone because I'm able to increase the functionality of my device, as well as personalize much more. You don't have to go crazy and make your home screen do flips when you turn it on, but there are certainly many non-gimmicky and ethical uses for jailbreaking that can greatly enhance your experience with your phone. Personally, I like being able to hide or put in a folder apps (such as newsstand) that I don't use, and removing limitations such as 12 apps per folder. The fact that I have to open the settings app to adjust things such as brightness is very annoying, so SB settings, or the incorporation of such in IntelliscreenX (recommend) is a great interface enhancement.
There are many thing that iphone can't do so I like galaxy s3 
+Michael Rutherford On the 4s and previous models, yes. I don't own a 5, but I imagine the extended screen would allow for 16. Of course, with Folder Enhancer (also recommend), you can do folders within folders within folders, scrolling folders, and pages within folders.
The cdma radios make unlocking more difficult, there was a thread on xda about moving a sprint s3 to Verizon, not sure about the other way around. Next phone gsm and factory unlocked, for now sprint is working for me
Where do i go to download free movies and apps
Is legal.. Everydody should know that by now... Jailbreaking is legal.. 
Dam sever is packed! Can't download any thing.
If u have an iPhone jail breaking is the way to go. So much more you can do. Jail breaking is legal. Unlocking is illegal!! 
John S
+Caleb Parsons I'd imagine much of the hate started with Apple's petty litigation over complete BS patents to stifle our choices and try to get everyone to have no choice but turn to Apple. 
Wow! So you can now bring your iPhone to the level of freedom of 2010 Android phones! It's 2010 technology, just like everything else in the iPhone 5! (except the noise-canceling microphone, which is 20th century technology)
+Tyler Giles pimp my iphone.

yo dawg i heard you like folders, so we put folders, in your folders.
Why jailbreak an already broken phone? Buy a Android in the first place. Haha. A
"jailbreaking is back New evasion software works on most iOS 6/6.1 device" come on this is not new they still using a 2006 OS ... 
Does this now mean a jailbreak for the 3rd Gen AppleTV? Been really wanting to try XBMC on there.
John Ro
Wow so much hate for each it's getting ridiculous
Apple sux. Who cares. Spoon-fed automatons, that's who!

G seems to rub it in a lot on What's Hot. Lol
Why ! It's worthless 
Instoulous has been shut dawn like unlocking is illegal fuck you apple 
You want get free games or application for free . Fuck them 
Jailbreaking your phone, tablet is legal, but you had better restore it factory/carrier specs if you can. If you have any kind of warranty issue and the carrier finds the product jailbroken the carrier can and will deny your warranty claim.   
Is anyone really going to let the law stop them from unlocking phones anyway?  (and yes, I know jailbreaking is not the same thing...)
Finally, I got into withdrawal so bad I actually bought an android hoping that it would be like my old jail broken iPhone but was a sad and annoying attempt at what cydia can do on your idevices. Definitely buying the iPhone 5 now.
Congrats iPhone users. Now you can have live wallpapers and change icons Hahaha :P
Nikon/Canon, Mac/PC, iOS/Android, in five years it might be Android/Tezin these things never seem to change only the names 
Finally! You can make your brand new iPhone perform like an outdated android! Goodbye Apple, you won't be missed.
+John Consiglio my guess, some POS. See that a lot "my $100 android isn't nearly as good as my $600 iPhone, therefore android sucks"

Wife went from 4s to s3, night and day in all the right ways
In other news no one cares because we have Android. Fact.
Oddly enough, jailbreaking tablets (like the iPad) = illegal.
Jailbreaking phones = legal.
And I can still do more on my android. 
Jailbreaking is the ONLY reason why I buy iDevices. I don't understand why apple hasn't bought these developers who obviously can make the iPhone 20++ better then the original iOS. Come on apple! I was already using FaceTime on my iPhone 4s using 3G data before the iPhone 5 came out. 
no thanks.. i have changed to android :)
I have android because I don't like being told what content and downloads are allowed on MY device! Also, I don't want a phone that in order to do what I want with it I have to modify the software, thus making updates impossible without having to re-jailbreak afterwards. Plus, jailbreaking can potentially de-stablize your iOS and brick your phone. Two problems you'll never have on an android device! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
Actually you can brick your Android phone just go over XDA forums and there are plenty of people who have. Saying you cant brick a Droid phone is like saying Macs can't get a virus, it just isn't so. Also a few weeks back one of the Droid groups was warning that Verizon has figured out a way to reset your phone via a update and to turn off OTA.
Root/Jailbreak they are both the same. They are modification softwares, both are eligible to brick your phone if not installed properly. However a Jailbreak in the right users hands can be fatal. Modifying Apples software has been around since the iPod customizing each string using iPodwizard once iPod touch 1st gen was released so was jailbreaking which put each apple device way ahead of its time. Do not get me wrong I love droids my first droid was my (HTC) HERO and modifying my droid was simply done through the store it's self until the (HTC) EVO aka EVOL was released rooted cyanogen mod right away however still sluggish and slow but when using Mik Mik ROM instead it became lighting fast and the possibilities where endless. In the end it is not the devices themselves it's the USERS behind them who make them great. 
So iOs users can now do what stock Jelly Bean does. Yay? ;)
Jailbreak is legal... Unlocking, not anymore 
+John Beebe oh I know that you can brick your android, my point was simply that apple users are potentially bricking their phones so that they can do something that android users can do rather safely, especially if you have an antivirus. 
+John Beebe and you don't really NEED to root your android phone in order to make it great, that just adds icing to the cake. The only thing I've used a root for is turning off my softkeys when theming my phone Ubuntu.
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