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That's just ridiculous, people still even don't know about the 4th generation ipad. 
Incremental updates are not going to cut it for Apple anymore. They need to re-imagine iOS if they want to stay competitive with Android and (down the road) Windows Phone/8.
Ryan Ng
Wait a minute, I thought the Mini was the 4th generation model.

So this will be the 5th generation...
There was a new generation ipad was announced with the ipad mini. So it will be the 5th gen ipad but without the mini 
Ill take widgets and notifications, thanks.
They're planning a fourth? I thought for sure they'd stop at three.
This is the new new NEW iPad guys...its so much better than other two versions released in the past 10-11 months! No thanks.
...And it'll look practically the same with the same OS just different version number. 
clearly no one read the article, it states it will be the same as the 4th gen in specs other than it will have a higher storage capacity. So it seems to be a 4th gen just as the last release.
Can't wait to stick it in a blendtec blender. ^_^
I hear, what sounds like, the beating of a dead horse.

Stick a microsd slot in it and be done, Apple!

I personally hate how consumers storage is limited by manufacturers.

Remember when hardware used to be upgradeable?! 
Gosh. For every pundit who is giddy ( or demands) more choice in screen and physical sizes, there is yet another that is convinced Apple's upgrade frequency is too high. All should consider that iOS and OSX software upgrades flow back across the recent models and brings this " upgrades" at minimal cost or effort. One of Apples big gift to the cell phone user community is such s/w upgrades. That never existed before, and the cell network providers were not happy about the loss of "disposable" phones. An iPhone 3s is still a viable low cost tool
+Michael Davias Software upgrades have been provided long by Microsoft. Just like may other things, Apple brought it to smartphones. Because smartphones are more like computers than phones. And strictly speaking, Nokia also released upgrades long before Apple, though they were painful to install. 

BTW even if we assume for a second that the concept of upgrades was Apple's idea then by now Samsung, HTC, LG, Google and every phone company in the world would have been sued for upgrading their OS.

And Apple doesn't believe in giving gifts to mobile industry. Unless you call legal notices gift :)
Ill be impressed when there is no Apple Memory tax, widgets on the screen, easier non itunes 3rd party syncing, and more user control over the icons and pages.
+Khushi Nanda What he meant by software updates is that Apple phones actually get them. I had a Sprint Epic 4G phone (a Samsung Galaxy basically) and received only three OS upgrades in 2 years. Two of those were point releases for bug-fixes and the phone's Android was never updated past version 2.3 even though Android 4.1 is available.

Apple phones by contrast, are often updated and get two to three major version updates.
How is more storage a compelling move for the iPad? I need to able to do more not store more. 
Tables are useful tools to a point. I fear for the long term health of people who use them all day. They spend so much time scrunched over, squinting. Give me a laptop with an external keyboard and monitor for the majority of my day. 
That's why I don't buy Apple. U know. It was in the works when they were. Pushing. The most recent. One. Then to get a new version. You HVAC to sign a minimum. 2 year contract and u still pay hundreds. Then 2-3 months. Later. They roll out another one /
Apple needs to really bring it in iOS 7 or else face mass exodus. Apple people are getting really freaking bored with your now 6 year old UI. More storage and a faster processor are not enough anymore. The spec is mostly dead and you killed it.
I will be the first in line to upgrade to a 128GB iPad. I have a 64GB 3rd generation iPad.I struggle constantly adding and removing apps and movies all the time due to limited space.
Awww I can already see some of my iSheep friends wetting on their pants..
It's very sad that Apple's visionary has passed away.  I have little confidence in Cook and the remaining management team can carry on with Apple's pattern of making disruptive technologies work.
they should be putting more effort into the iPad mini. 9 inch tablets with mobile processors are pretty much toys
Time for those weirdo people to start queuing and peeing themselves all over again. Sometimes I suspect Apphole puts plants in those queues. The way some of them carry on, its as though there is a second coming.
Wooptee doo. What Apple should do is make garage band for android and sell it in the Google play store for $19.99. I would buy that. But I'm never buying an ipad 
Yawwwwnnn. Wake me when they do something exciting.
It seems like they are losing their cool... 
If they made a 19" macbook pro, I'd buy one.  15" is too small.
I guess, apple has lost their crown to android. Android is a platform that keeps in moving forward due to a lot of developer for them. Apple just lost to it ups and downs.

The new 128gb's Storag-lutionary
Apple should change its name to RUMOR. News outlet love writing about this falling company. And in the end the rumor is a lie. I can't wait to see them burn. Apple stock is going downhill.
Ryan R.
The new iPad Mini Max :D:D:D
Meanwhile, Android users yawn and continue to use the cloud across multiple devices...
Doesn't matter whether its 4th or 5th generation ... it will sucks for sure 
Uhm, errm. I have a 4rth gen iPad... don't you mean 5th? or 4rth(s)?
I dont understand why apple does this? If there were SMART they would just offer upgrades for the latest version and charge people a decent price for it. No wonder Apple's stock is down there always coming out with something new and charging people up the butt to buy/use it 
Ryan R.
they won't gain much new customers
but they know, most of their regular customers(who already has iPhones and older iPads) are still going to buy this new one for sure LoL, no matter what :D
People only buy the new iPhones or iPads only to say they have one 
What in the world do you need that much local storage for? If you're that far from an internet connection that you need EVERYTHING on your tablet, you have bigger needs than 128GB of storage on your tablet...
iPad 4, it could be everything you missed out on with the iPad 3, 2, or 1, but I'm betting not.
Planned obsolescence, for the win.
I'm not in any fan boy camp. I've got several PCs, an iPad, a MacBook Air and a Google phone. The ONLY reason iPad 4 came out was because the iPad 3rd generation (which I own) had overheating issues and a serious problem with the WiFi connectivity. Rather than "man up" and address these issues, Apple popped out the surprise 4th generation iPad to sweep the iPad 3 issues away.
128GB on an iPad.  Wow so magical so innovative.  truly the revolution we have been waiting for
128gb of storage? that's amazing and revolutionary.
I thought there already was a 4th gen ipad, the one with lte?
+Adam MacLaren it is, because you know, mass sizes of flash storage is all the rave now-a-days.  Not evolution of product and spec hardware.  Apple, you have outdone yourself.
apple needs to stop making new hardware and make a new OS already, this is junk and the apple fan will praise this as an android killer, that's disgusting. and I bet it'll cost $1,200 for junk.
I guess they can't complain about fragmentation in the Android world.
+Shantul Nigam  Fragmentation is exaggerated.  With Apple you have the same thing they just don't call it fragmentation.  I have an iPod 2, and I cannot access a ton of newer apps due to the lack of OS upgrades.  Also with Apple starting to copy competitors and changing their design features, iPad mini and the iPhone 5 for example.  Right there is more "fragmentation."  So in a realistic, not media controlled opinion, Apple and Android share similar problems, especially now that Apple decided to change away from their original form factor.
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