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New Google Glass patent is the most comprehensive yet for Google’s face-based wearable computer -
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Give me ability to buy one. I want to give you my money, Google. Just make it available in Poland.
The patent seems to say the breakthrough is that Glass can be used as an active tool, rather than a passive recording device.

The real breakthrough will be a design that people feel comfortable wearing, and others feel comfortable being recorded by.
I am sure in future children will question their parents and ask them how was it ever possible for people to go out without their Google glasses...
+Hashim Warren +Anthony Raffini I'm sure some G+ fanboys will buy and wear this ridiculous thing in real life and have monologues in public, but do you think your average Joe the plumber will? Get real, folks! This will never sell in masses. Well, perhaps on planet Krypton.
well it might not be the final design. Word is Google has hired some fashion design company to work on the aesthetic aspects of it. Also, it doesn't have to be a success in the way Google is imagining (as a life companion) but it could just as well be as useful as a GoPro type device.
The first Google glass release may be a flop, but it may also shape how we use technology in the future. It will be a breakthrough product. Mass market adoption will take a long time.
Sell it first in the Bay area California. 
How did you learn how to predict the future +Nino Novak ? You're probably one of the people that predicted Android would flop too, weren't you?
People used to go into a small box on the street to make phone calls. When cell phones came out people started out being somewhat discreet when taking calls. Now it's pretty common to see/hear people talking away right out in the open.  People thought bluetooth devices looked weird and only super nerds would use them. Now you see people all over the place using them.

Times change and what people think of as "weird" changes. Glass might start out as something the more "nerdy" types use at first... but if it's as useful as it looks like it will be? That'll change.
+MuChawn Golden I don't need to predict that, it's already happening. People bought more iPhones than ever. Three models beat gazillion (often cheap) Android handsets in Q4.
The CAD drafting of the product is horrible. 
I'm not sure I would call 75% global market share a flop +Nino Novak but maybe our definitions differ. 
+MuChawn Golden Global domination on Gingerbread, give me a break. That's a big flop, a 3 years old OS. If you make a dirt cheap product that copies a premium product it's very easy to have a bigger market share, but it doesn't mean it's a success story. Android is on decline, Samsung will go Tizen, the rest will be obliterated by Ubuntu and Blackberry 10. You'll see the epic downfall in a year. Apple will continue to break all records. 
This probably won't be all that huge at the beginning. It would have to grow on people before anything big happens. 
Um... IOS is an 8 year old OS with minimal advancements that were taken from Android. You should probably read up on things before you make ignorant comments +Nino Novak 
And you'd look and sound just as ridiculous...
Doubt they will go mainstream.. 
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