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Here’s a BlackBerry 10 device next to an iPhone 5 -
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You should use a black iPhone without a cover for that picture
Wait!!!!!!!! Apple invented that size and that shape...get ready blackberry for a after school dirty fight !
LuciO M
Looks better without the home button. 
The lawsuit Apple will file against RIM will put them under.
There couldn't possibly need to be a lawsuit.  You don't need a sleeve on the Blackberry to keep good reception. ;-)
What? Does Blackberry still exist?
I guess there the icons will be 8x8 size, to stick to their style
1) Apple will sue Blackberry

2) Apple will copy Blackberry and call it iPhone 6
haha.. but come on... how can you modify an oblong shaped device and not have it look a little like another that did the same.
blackberry!I think apple phone s are more better
It totally looks like a droid x, but I am sure that apple will sue and say that their users cannot tell the difference between a blackberry and a iphone and it is causing loss of sales from confusion. 
Who will develop apps for it? How easy it is to develop apps and what's the business model to sells apps through their platform? Another challenge is that Blackberry has lost the "cool" factor and it will be very very hard to regain it unless they come up with something totally fantastic.
+Marcelo Pinheiro step one: make smart phone. step two:? Step three:profit.

It is the underpants gnomes business model. 
Apple won't sue because, this isn't going to sale. What person wants a touchscreen only blackberry phone? 
Wow! I want to buy BlackBerry 10! 
RIM really should just adopt Windows Phone 8 and leave its platform to die. The synergies would be amazing.
+Marcelo Pinheiro agreed. I hope it does well I love the great things that competition has given us. I would love it if they opened bbm up though, the whole closed platform messenger is one place that ms and Google are cool about keeping open.
very impressive..NOT. though it has come a long way from its keyboard ancestor
I hope blackberry makes a come back ! You have to admit BlackBerry has always made pretty solid devices. 
I hear a lot of people here saying that they smell lawsuit or lawsuit is coming, but to be honest Apple only sues companies that make money. Which BlackBerry is still working on. lol to be honest BlackBerry probably has a pretty exclusive patent portfolio that Apple really can't come near.
Apple: "Hmm, too much round corners, we need to hire more lawyers..." 
+Nirav Shah I think the bigger issue is apple is now known as the sue you if you have round corners company, not the innovative and magical company that they use to be, and I think that is part of apples fall from fame. 
This must be a photoshop :[]-<
They are both not better than a Samsung S3. 
I'll take 2 of those on the left. :)
Considering I bought RIM stocks when they hit rock bottom I hope the new Blackberry catches on.
can anyone else smell another court case? I see something rectagular with round edges.
The black berry almost looks like a older Droid X that ran android, but without the buttons.
Device was prototyped before the iphone 5 check your pattens iIDIOTS 
Looks like someone will be in court soon
BlackBerry is dead. Come on. Jan '13 for first phone? And who wants a phone with zero apps (apps that matter)? RIM should just get on the Android OS.
Apple wont sue blackberry because there is no money at RIM, They sued Samsung because they are the ones with the highest sales
it's not a money thing +Gavin Donlan  it's a don't steal our product thing. What if you came up with something and the guy next door just copied it and sold it for cheaper would you be mad? I know I would be upset.
should compare to iPhone 5
Zen Zen
IPhone, iOS are the best, Blackberry! What's that?
And a very plastic Samsung is any better? +Matt R. 
may be they should sue apple due to the similar dimentions
The BB 10 is the new operating system and they will have this one and a more traditional for BB keyboarded model.  It'll be interesting to see if this revives the company.
i want iPhone but its cost is Tk.30,000 
I cannot wait for the bb 10 launch. They have spent a lot of time knowing their market and adapting accordingly. There will also be a device with a keyboard to appeal to business. 
See a lawsuit coming, apparently Apple's got a patent on rounded rectangular objects lol. Whatever that's suppose to mean 
Still figuring this thing out

I smell what the apple's cookin' and it smells like lawsuit!
The device looks solid, but it's BB10 that'll make this device fly. It'll be far more useful than WP8 & iOS6 imo.
I don't understand why anyone would want an iPhone?
lol, this is a war! BlackBerry is seeing flames.
Goes to show you,someone has to start the trend,and blackberry has to compete,back in the day...blackberry was the awesome, long live iOS,the ruler of phones!
Its different, one is black the other is white, one has blackberry in the front the other an apple on its back, you can see they are different, no apples were hurt in making this all new phone :'(

Above is the amount of fucks I give. 
Wait. Has Apple sued them yet to block the device from ever being sold to the public (let alone viewed on a blog)? The BB10 looks like a thin rectangular device with a glass screen and rounded corners that you can hold in your hand. Doesn't Apple own a patent on anything you can hold in your hand, let alone one that has a glass screen and rounded corners?

I'm surprised Apple isn't asking courts to block TechCrunch and other websites from showing pictures of the new device until they can work their way through the courts!
Josh D
So blackberry decided to try and make a comeback, and just hanged themselves.
it looks like the old droid x
Ryan R.
would be interesting how BB10 will fare next year, Android is very hot these days and I bet next year most Android phones will be on 1080p screen LOL:D
OMG You are putting a child chave device next too a the adults chave choice. They both suck. 
Mike E
Blackberry still exists :P
The BB10 device looks good! Too bad it's only a 4" er, a 5" er plus would be awesome!
No matter how big or small it a blackberry and it will suck 
Go ahead and sue, Apple. RIM is hanging on by a thread. Nothing to gain but relegating them to the trash heap of technology
I look at Blackberries like women that won't give head.  "They still make you?"
I'd go with the blackberry, idk but iPhones isn't as interesting anymore! Apple needs an new idea
It's sad that Apple has gone from innovating to litigating as a business model.  Perhaps lawsuits are less costly than R&D and have a reasonable probability of generating huge profits?
BB ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They suck. Don't bother with either of them. Get a device will power and ball's not little chave kiddy toy's. Apple can go fuck them self as well. I hope Samsung puts the price up even more on the chips they sell to Apple. 
As far as I'm concern I have not yet had a phone that can do what I'm looking for. I'm a iPhone user and still I run into issues. I had BlackBerry .......CRAP .... Did not support large documents and the list goes on. For business people like us we need phones to adopt to everything we do just like having a computer but in a hand held device . iPhone keeps you buying there phones just because of small minor changes. Like people have money to waste. These phones are getting worse and worse by the season. I think iPhones should be 32 gigs from the start if they so call supposed to be Businss phones. Lets face it without iCloud , Dropbox and many other cloud storage add- on's iPhones will crash. So now apple need to re-think there ideas and come up with a better plan to have iPhone more integrated with other apps. If I'm going to pay for another iPhone it need to be worth it. Not just because of SIRI Or other minor things that don't help improve your business on the go.. 
If there isn't a lawsuit filed on this then I'm sure Samsung would be very interested to know, why there isn't.
I'm hoping that the flying model will be out next year. I'll hold out on a purchase until then.
So the difference is, iPhones can be turned on?
+Shawn Latham yes but it has the whole rectangle with rounded edges design thing that Apple sued Samsung for.
Does anyone here really think RIM has a chance? They're tech is archaic. The features that they're just coming out with windows phones had in '05. I understand why people use them, it's the same reason why #sheeple follow apple. I just don't want people to kid themselves into thinking that blackberry is doing anything revolutionary. The only company revolutionizing smartphones is Google (and this is coming from an Apple #sheeple)
…and of course apple will file a lawsuit. That's a given. LOL. 
blackberry is about to get sued for rounded corners & rectangular glass
I phone user's.. Your phone is mainly Samsung inside.. Lol. Lol 
even the crappy blackberry looks great compared to iphone.  how sad is that apple fans, lol.
I have always liked blackberry. I jumped ship once they started making a product that couldn't compete and I needed more. But I have always meant it when I said once a blackberry comes out that shows promise I will work again with them.

I do think their OS is a big weakness of theirs and they should use the windows 8 platform. BBM still is the best
BES & BBM, are 2 things that they have. And they do have a model coming out with a hardware keyboard. 

The cool thing is that there is new stuff to goof with!!
That BB is awesome, it should come with android jelly 4.2 now that will put it at the top my list.....
I thought BB10 images were released before the iPhone 5 was released, but maybe I'm mistaken. 
Blackberry is D-PHONE. iphone, myphone, hisphone, herphone are just phones. Case closed 
Those there are rounded corners... And I do believe that is a rectangle too. People who can't read and have mental issues may be confused. Best pay apple a billion or a dishonest jury foreman will do it for you.
Seriously? Why would apple waste their time on the deathroes of RIM?. Bet it's not out by February either!
I hope it is not made out of aluminum, rounded corners, have apps and icons, and if it sells millions will equal apple lawsuit!
sure iPhone owning :D
paying sum bucks just for BBM???
forget it :D
Yeah that's true based on Android phones and there platform is much friendly than iPhone Linux platform . We should all know that Linux have there hands in everything . I'm a sucker for themes and backgrounds iPhone you have to jail break the phone BUT! With Blackberry phones there was no problem changing there themes and icon location. BlackBerry has always been the business phone for the market for a while along with Motorola
And the Nokia. They where the first phones to complete client work base platform and more. What happen to them is that's the question..... WHAT HAPPEN TO THEM! 
I think Blackberry is antagonizing someone here.
I'm sure Apple has a lawsuit in the works. Curved edges that they and only they apparently have rights to. Plus it looks like an iPhone. While they are at it maybe they should go after them because it is black, has a glass face, and used buttons. 
look like the same phone! kinda. white\black?
Ah Shit, They Used Rounded Corners. BB's In Trouble :o
Why does it look like my HTC EVO 4G LTE? 
blackberry all the way bro....if i get an iphon it gonna be an iphone 4s
I'll keep my Android device thank you very much!
Bye bye BlackBerry. Apple will crush you with stupid lawsuits 
Watch this just not be a law suit because everyone is saying it will be cx
Wow, they're so desperate that they have to copy. Just give up, RIM. Nobody likes you anymore. I'm sorry.
Now they just need jelly bean on both of those devices...
Lol iphone 5 and upcoming iphone 5s or 6!
Ring the alarm . apple coming with patent Troops . :D :P
I hope bb get this right. Need some more competition in the market I don't like the way Samsung are dwarfing the other android OEM
I'm sure it will do fine. If it can offer most of Android or even Apple. Then I'm sure the business world will flock to it.
I don't make confusion I happen be well rounded when it comes to programs. When your a publisher and a graphic designer programs counts because you have a job that needs to be done. And that's what I'm looking for in my phone to do the damn job. I ask my wife the other while I was in the office a question because she's so involve with the new iPhone 5. I went on to ask her the question why she wants the iPhone 5 so much and she replied " BECAUSE .... BABY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I CAN PLAY MY GAMES AND DOWNLOAD MORE MUSIC AND IT LOOKS BETTER THAN MY 4s" ( She Stated to me) ..... You got to be kidding me....... I TOLD HER TO GET A IPOD FOR MUSIC AND GAMES..
The problem I have with all phones they trying to put everything into these phones and most of them can't handle it.
Very few music artists that produce music don't use their iPhones. They use a iPod touch for samples tracks and Dub.
Playing games run the hell out if your battery because your streaming. LEAVE THE GAMING TO PS3 and XBOX
Could we get 50-100 more posts saying something about a lawsuit coming? There aren't enough yet.
blackberry can't stand a chance against Iphone
iphone 5! MUCH better than a blackberry!
Reminds me of my old DROID X. Loved that phone. 
They wont sue bb bcuz they are'nt a threat like samsung. But if they become a threat, trust it's off to the courts they go.
This will finally get BlackBerry some profit and they are finally stepping out of the business niche they have been stuck in for so many years!
you can see that the blackbeery 10 device is better than an iphone 5 but actuly i thoutgh that an iphone 5 will beat all other phone's
fede ra
RIM was in business niche because the phones are, samsung and other stuff are much more like games..
But they are no longer succeeding because everyone in business is starting to switch to iPhone and or Android.. This phone has the looks that might make people switch back or remain with RIM 
Even if other phones are better than iPhone.. I have loyalty to iPhone for 4 years :D
that would just be cruel to do that to RIM..^
you can get a black iPhone
Rounded corners?  Looks like a lawsuit...
Artie C
I'd like to see that blackberry 10 next to a Motorola droid X2. 
Blackberry is so much better since i love blackberry better
+Mark Peterson and they will claim they invented all the tech inside even though it won't work.

With all the info coming out about how the took the names iPhone, iOs & iPad, how they spend 2% on R&D and sue the competition, is it a wonder they only have a 15% share of the smartphone market? No.
RIM needs to go the reverse-Sega route. Stop making sw and stick to hw dev and make android phones. I hate their os so much...... 
Hahah call the lawyers. Rectangular shape.....
Fuck apple almost everything in the word is rectangular including my bed #iShit xD
Even Samsung is smart enough not to do this! Just to show you how desperate BB is right now. Probably the law suit will be good for marketing purposes 
It looks sleek. I might get one just for the fun of it.
If bb10 is anything like the Playbook OS then I don't think apple will sue because no fucker will buy one #pureshit
Black berry10 hurry and come to England pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
Uh-oh...a rectangle with rounded corners. RIM's clearly stolen crapple's IP because nothing ever existed with that shape before they invented it. I think they also invented the colour black and using black plastic and screens made of glass and electricty and semi conductors and the word phone and and and
lawsuit again??? hahahaha... let there be another dump truck in front of apple doorway... hahaha...
Apple only has 15% of the market share in global smart phones. They are currently not a threat to android which commands 70% of market. Why should Apple not sue people who are going to make phones similar to what they have patented for much cheaper? If I was In charge of Apple Inc. I would sue the shit out of Everyone. Damn straight!
I thought it is an iPhone 5 on the left of an old Nokia
Indeed technology will drive us crazy...endlessly searching for the best 
Sleek. I like how the screen goes all the way to the sides.
People still use BlackBerries?
not great looking either of them, iphone will still be a lot better
L. Arca
looks cool.. still like don't like blackberry or I-phone.
Uhhhhh i hate blackberry their recepcion sucks....
Is it just me it does everyone see a Droid x?
+Daniel Scott actually it's not. The camera is above the speaker on the 5. It's to the left of the speaker on the 4s. It's a 4s. Unless blackberry is planning on releasing the worlds tallest phone.…
+Minority Banks I see a camera above the speaker... At least it could be, its hidden by glare.

But wasn't the longer screen and fifth app row the huge "innovation" for the 5? I see those..
too little too late, this current bBold 9700 will be my last
Well, it took a million monkeys a million years, but here it is, the BB10.

The fagfone, enjoy.
Apple is going to sue Blackberry now for sure
Blackberry has been working on this since 2011 way before the iphone 5 came out
The back of an idevice no longer looks better than the front of their competitors ... sorry Steve Jobs
what the fuck is this shit...
Of course Apple will sue them; it has rounded corners.
Putting a case on it so it looks similar? Come on.
Why should there be a lawsuit? It's not like its an exact copy or any thing.
Blackberry holds many smartphone patents and was making smartphones before apple, so they won't segue them. But this phone could be an iPhone killer, it will be released with many features iOS doesn't have including NFC capability. I can't wait to sell my iPhone for this device. RIMPIRE strikes back. 
Everyone putting down rim without knowing actually facts.
- Blackberry is still making money every quarter, and has grown there user base from 70 million to 88 million in the last year, and that's off there older devices still.
- They got more then 2.5 billion in the bank and no debt. They still hold more market share then Microsoft/Nokia and lot of android manufactures. If they took on android or wp8 as on OS, they did they would no longer be around, most android manufactures don't make money and have been losing money to Samsung, the same will happen with wp8 if it gets any traction.
- Blackberry store, already has apps ported over from the playbook and more being released every day, they also have movies and music, and have a way were 90% of android games can be played on there platform.

- blackberrys OS is still the 2nd most profitable platform for developers behind iOS. Smart developers will bring there games to bb10, especially since android games take less then 30 mins to port to bb10.

Blackberry will never be the top smartphone maker again, but they'll be a good 3rd option and will be big competition for iOS once there apps store grows. Bb10 will be released with more features then the iPhone and will have NFC. They won't kill the iPhone due to there ecosystem being so large. (Both android and iOS have more then 150,000 pointless apps in there market place. 
No but imagine BBM on androids its gameover 
Come on Blackberry(RIM)! *( it's too late...
Put some Android buttons on the bottom and it would look like my old G1. I hope this phone works out for BlackBerry. I can't wait to see it.
Eager to try one bb again
Looks more like a moto droid than an iPhone.
They have the same corners. Sue them apple
Only one problem with the BlackBerry, it's a BlackBerry....
And the Apple vs RIM lawsuit countdown starts... now
You people kill me talking bout $hit you ain't gonna buy blah blah blah last I checked this still America but something else an shut the hell up 
Uh oh! Lookout! It looks similar so apple will be filing a lawsuit any minute now!!!! 
Great now RIM wants to make inferior looking/operating products and make a killing in profits. Only a matter of time RIM fanboys pitch tents and wait in lines day of. 
Lawsuit! I would buy it just to piss apple off!
Dislike for Apple. BB needs a comeback...
How can I get that blackberry skin over my iPhone?
Will this phone be the saviour for RIM? Looking forward to finding out.

They don't look a like as far as smart phones these do not look alike
I bought a thousand shares of rimm so far loving life
Iphone like a friend, extremly user friendly
lets see if this has what it takes to bring bb to life. Screen looks pretty big
Lawsuit? Size is the only thing that I see similar.
BB is the only one that isn't in the courtroom 
Let's see:
Curved edges, same height, same width, includes a speakerphone, uses the color black, and has any letters that are used to spell "Apple".
Yep. They are definitely getting sued.
Uh oh. Rounded rectangle. I smell legal problems. 
Cherry picking muthafuckas
wow they have the same size very alike design mmm, apple will sue?
Was a big fan of BB for a while but never of iPhone. Been using droid now...Going back to windows phone
Well RIM just dug their own grave, and jumped in.
HA IT HAS A BIGGER SCREEN!!!  but it doesnt show emoji. . .
The best feature for a blackberry is the keyboard... So I guess its just another droid/ios wanna be now smh
i phone is wayyyy better quality just saying
BB10 is on par with the Iphone, i would get the BB10 cause there really is nothing new with the Iphone and if you look at the last few years...there really hasn't been any changes to Iphone. at least blackberry is making the effort and by the looks of it, doing a good job

لا اله الا الله
استغفر الله واتوب اليه

 سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

I smell a court case coming on.
i prefer to take Iphone instead of BBM I'm always looking for good qualIty
and all of you adding me in thid address 
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