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A first look at Silvercar, the future of airport car rentals -

What do you think?
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+TechCrunch  the future is no people, only computers, this is all sectors of life not just car rentals, duh.
In future we don't need cars. Give us teleportation!
Is that a ninja standing on the right ? If they have ninjas, then Like!
it's just a showroom where they show the application on tablets ...
guess it's rather not the idea to require physical access to any terminal :)
They don't seem to check the cars back in and check for damage according to that article. Seems a bit of an oversight unless they become unrentable until they've been cleaned etc. 
So, the only difference between Standart car rental and Silvercar is that you don't have to talk to the dude to get your keys. All other "innovations" like an app has been with us for ages. It's so easy to fool TechChrunch - install an ipad on the reception and they are creaming for your "high tech startup" 
I don't see anything new here. Hertz On Demand, Zipcar and Enterprise Carshare provide the exact same service, but not limited to airports only. Anyway +1 competitor is good.
Looks dark in there. I would go to a well lit rental agency over this one.
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