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Roku Now Has 700 Channels, Including Time Warner Cable
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Anyone using Roku? If so tell me your experience with it. Sounds interesting. 
Roku is good, I bought my mom one and she loves it. You can stream all different types of subscriptions and play different games. If you get the one with the motion sensing remote than you can play more games, they also have free movie channels and TV channels. Many more apps as well. I would like to check out Google TV more though, they arwngoimg to come out with a wave of new devices
I like mine but have not used it for more than netflix, I had no idea there were 700 channels.
I use it for Hulu+ and Netflix. Plex allows you to stream to it from your PC. Streaming from PC isn't as good as with my old Popcorn Hour A-110, but it's tolerable.
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