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Reading all these reports about Netflix outages makes me realize how little I watch netflix and still pay for it 
oh no . i mean yes it worked. i mean just kidding.
Nooo!! I haven't finished watching season 2 of the walking dead yet
I pointed the rabbit ears toward the north after applying aluminum foil. 
Just remember, an Anagram for 'Netflix' is 'Lent Fix'.  Which in essence means, "They lent it. You fix it."
Its dvd website only. Not streaming videos.
The biggest adjustment we have coming in the internet age is going to be the eventual realisation that perfection is impossible. Netflix will have to, of course, give various refunds and credits. But too many people are willing to write off companies for problems like this, in a near one-strike policy because OMG I need my vidyuhs nao!!! So everyone mad will move to Hulu until Hulu has an outage, then scream murder and so on and so forth. 
It's all Amazon's fault. Netflix uses their servers to manage their customers and when Amazon gets really busy selling us all that stuff, the other users of the servers take a back seat.
My precious Doctor Who...whatever shall I do??
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