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You deserve something nice this year.
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Getting an Apple product is probably like as Eminem puts it 'A fcuk you for Christmas' the gift is a curse!
Actually +Temple Pate mine was $2300, not $4000. I use mine for mostly work, so I wouldn't really call it using "spare cash."
+Temple Pate That's definitely good for you if hardware is your sole concern. No sense in spending $300 extra for nothing. Personally, for me, it's not that simple.

Everybody's got their own set of requirements. That's why hardware X running OS Y won't ever do it for everybody. Among other things, due to the cheap price of hardware, many people spend proportionately more money on software setup and maintenance... Just because it's not worth it for you, doesn't mean it's not worth it for somebody else. :)
While it's a good machine, I went with a +Lenovo Ideapad Yoga in the 13in version with i7, 8gb, and 256gb SSD.  Fantastic machine for the #Windows8 user.  I have been very impressed with it so far.  No real complaints other than the 0/9 keys take more "depressing" to function than most other keys and lack of backlit keyboard.  Otherwise, I believe it's the best convertible Ultrabook out at the moment.  Wife is happy :)
so i have run apple for 5 years and before that ran my notebooks on linux. this year i bought a lenovo x230 and upgraded the hd to a intel ssd and put 16g of ram in it for less that this. i am headed back to linux for my work machine as i dont like the direction osx is headed. i do like the retina display but it is the os that i am walking away from
My school just gave me one. Now I have a 15" and 13" MacBook Pro. The cool thing about having them is, I am not limited. I run Win 7, Ubuntu 12.04, and CentOS simultaneously using a VM. This is handy during development and testing software, cross platform. - I have also priced similar machines, and the price is about the same (specs, upgrades, software, accessories). 
I have been a mac user recently own a macbook pre 2008 model the white book. It never let me down really nice and worthy hardware . I am a frequent linux user as well , my only concern in linux would be the quality of hardware i get from other manufacturers i am due to get a new one soon now the choice is between 13" macbook pro and surface pro am waiting for it to test it out and then buy.
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