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Instagram has followed through on removing photos from Twitter. Thoughts?
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Tony C
None, Its not that hard to click on a link the twice a day I actually look at a instagram pic on twitter. 
Seems to be a tactic to siphon users away from Twitter. Not surprising as Facebook is calling the shots now. 
I use +HootSuite so this actually has no effect. Honestly, I'd probably click through anyway, so the evil plan would work on me.
More interesting what had forced them to act like that. Facebook acquisition in effect or just fighting with rivals. From the beginning Instagram used twitter's viral channels to spread photos of their users. Now it says you aren't needed anymore. This is sad. Users will pay by having bad experience.
I don't think the issue is about taking away instagram users but rather it's about controlling their own user experience.

I think Twitter is trying to differentiate their value proposition. Dick Costolo referred to twitter as the world's town square, a place when the people can gather around events or topics organized by vashtags. In order to control that experience it makes sense for them to have their users stay within their own ecosystem to communicate, not bounce between 3rd party apps. Considering photos are one of the easiest ways to communicate it makes sense for them to improve that experience for their users. — Longer time spent in their own ecosystem = More ad revenue as well.
Maybe one should stop calling it just Instagram, and call it something like "Facebook Instagram"?
People, we have Snapseed, a photo editing . Just take a picture, edit it, and share on G+. 
Really, Instagram shouldn't be focusing on Twitter. Instagram should be focusing on its massive SPAM problem! It is so bad, I've stopped using Instagram and now use +Snapseed.
Epic. I never understood the logic behind the instagram besides: "look at this sepia hue that I applied to my poor quality photo, look at how hip and edgy that is."
+Stirling Spencer I think that you should try using only your camera (I use the iPhone 4s camera) and push it to its limit while working within the confines and restrictions of what you can do with the equipment you have without using 3rd party software that touches up the photo later. Anyone can take a great photo with any camera, but most people never try; I say take your camera and go out there and get photos that no one else with the same camera would ever be able to capture. And leave instragram behind. You do not need it. 
no offend but I Don't Really Care
I don't use Instagram, but IMO it does owe its success to Twitter. The idea should be getting as many people as possible to use your service not limiting it. This will just be another footnote in the story of the downfall of Facebook, coming to a Kindle near you in the spring of 2016.  
Sure why not, they're competition to Twitter. I say let's consolidate our networks to Facebook (close relationships), Google+ (open stream), LinkedIn (business)
this will backfire, twitter fans will stop using instagram... instagram/fb loses this round. ...and fb's billion dollar investment continues to dwindle because of itself. twitter could not have pulled off a better blow to the instagram service.
I am glad my photos posted on Twitter were not processed through Instagram.
I never understood Instagram anyway. Over a century and a half of improvement and innovation to the camera, and people have the audacity to make their photos look like they were shot in the 1970's? Shameful. Maybe Instagram will go the way of MySpace. 
Instagram's not about filters. It's about effortless sharing.  The filters compensate for low quality phone cameras (not everyone has a Nexus 4 or iPhone 5).  
they can keep there photos on FB...POS apple app anyway,camera on jellybean a whole lot better and now u can edit using snapseed..;)

"Look at my new Smartphone, it has a 8 megapixel camera with carefully develloped photo software and takes really good photos, which i fuck up with instagram before i upload them."
+Brandon Crouch I share the same opinion about Facebook and the collapse of it. When they make the documentary about the fall of Facebook, I would bet money that the documentary will be called, "Like Us On Facebook."
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