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Be honest, do you wish email could just disappear all together? Or no?
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I use email all the time for both personal and professional communication. To say that it is might be going away is laughable.
Yes, emails are old fashioned, disconnected, and largely not social.
+Maureen Shaffer Emails are not intended to be social in the same way that twitter, fb, or g+ are. I certainly would not use any of those for professional communication and not all personal messages belong on a social network, Personal is personal and not intended to be viewed by one and all or searchable by Google/FB/Twitter, etc. E-mails and social messages serve different purposes.
Yes, just because i fear one day having more spam than actual emails
+Mark Mutai Spam is easy to control by using GMail whose filters are very good and by using follow-on filters when necessary. I honestly only get 1 or 2 spam messages a week missed from the normal junk controls.
No. E-mails are more convenient than the in-person meetings and phone calls for me. I don't plan on joining the kewl kids on Twitter of FB.
+Andrew Robert I think the beauty is that there are communication tools to serve everyone's purpose and need. And, I completely agree that all messages shouldn't be broadcast or even be able to be broadcast socially. I also think social works also extremely well on the enterprise side, behind a firewall, for knowledge sharing with the proper privacy controls and user groupings. This also can have powerful collaboration/speed benefits for teams. So privacy and social can co-exist. There will always be a need for one-to-one communication, but I find face-to-face, Skype, or texting better for that.
That's why there's G+, you have email AND you get a social network... (why did I write this?)
I think I'd rather phone calls disappear!
it seems like chat services kind of do what its original use was for anyway.

If chats can start taking big attachments, and long letters then sure. Although Bill paying and newsletters really dont do well in chat.
It is the professional alternative to paper mail. Are companies going to tweet you your invoices across 11 different messages? No. They always have, and will continue to, use email.
i turned off most notifications from +Google+ to +Gmail so it is manageable ... for work i definitely use email as I'm doing tech support and part of that job is to do email support :-) 
L am
Email is hard to beat! Maybe somewhere 30 more years...
of course not, dont be cynic
Not yet because the ability to retain conversations and data mine emails for past info is a convention people still find useful +Scott Carter. However, the social network of tomorrow should allow for us to do away with email and do with professional social profiles equipped with software to capture filtered information for business uses.

I'm eager to see the world of tomorrow, though we will look back in 20 years and feel it easy it was to predict the future mail (guesstimation of course :P).
I email far more than anything else. If I was sent a pm on fb or other network I usually ignore it. I love the email me button on g+
if someone has an e-mail address you can reach him - every other method works within a platform/application only.
FB has recognized this and introduced the FB mail address to reach users from "outside". Same goes for G+ and their gmail integration.
e-mails may change a bit but right now there is nothing that can replace it
Well this is a stupid question. If anything email will receive the overhaul it deserves.
Email simply needs a makeover - sort out the spammers, snoopers, and hackers and I'll keep loving it.
SMS messages can be an aletnative but then again are prone to spam as any e-mail being more portable and still personal if it ever evolves for that kind of contingencies but still is possible to eliminate e-mail services, is just a matter of preferences.
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