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I have observe lately about the "promote this ad" though not that affected but why we need to pay to promote using the free social media network facebook? 
Interesting article. So, according to the author, FB is fighting spam. Which is a completely silly statement. Promoted posts won't change a thing about spam. It's always about who knows whom and who has the biggest wallet to pay a company that started by giving you everything for free.

As long as you pay, you will get featured. It doesn't matter who does what.
I closed my Farcebook account permanently weeks ago and I don't miss it at all. I got totally pi$$ed off with adverts, promoted posts, and blatant fraudulent posts " Jim likes Premier Inns" (when I know Jim hates Premier bloody Inns).
G+ is a lot better. Not perfect. Better.
+Keith Salway that's exactly why I closed mine. I also didn't sign up to that when FB started. The other issue was the real people I wanted to stay in touch with never used it enough to warrant having FB. 
I guess people just don't play chess anymore. Anyone who thinks this isn't part of Facebook's revenue stream end-game strategy is fooling themselves. As far as the official statement from Facebook, I invite everyone to search for sound bites from Nixon, Clinton and Enron for a good representation of the value of "official statements." 
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