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What do you think of standing desks? Do you have one?
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+Jai Bot They're cool for a bit, then you realize you're just the idiot who always has to stand ;)
both sitting and standing for too long are bad for you. I prefer the standard desk, and every 15-20 minutes I stand up and tilt the screen up, usually whenever I have to read anything longer than a paragraph. Then I sit down to type. If I've got too long w/o standing up I will have a cubicle dance party with my headphones in. (headphone extension chords are genius)
Hmmm.  I've had cow-orkers that do the standing thing, but even though I prefer standing to sitting, I almost always wind up pacing rather than merely standing.  So, I'd need a bluetooth/wifi/whatever headphone/mike/keyboard.  Not actually difficult these days, but in cubeville, there's just no room to pace!  And, yah, the tall chair is definitely in order.
I made one using Ikea adjustable table legs. Ended up around ~160 if I recall.
If I wanted to stand all day, I'd find a job as a doorman at a hotel.
kt mac
Standing desks are the future. Great idea. Kind of a hard sell in the corporate environment unless doctor orders. If health insurance companies will give corporations a break on premiums for standing desks, I think we'll see more mainstream use. Much better than keester-sitting all day.
A standing desk has saved my back. Simple as that. I'll never go back.
Love my standing desk and when I'm sitting I use an exercise ball. My neck and back issues went away. My company also bought anti-fatigue mats which helps alot.
I have a standing desk, and also a stool. I float back and forth between sitting and standing which has really helped my back. (Herniated discs and arthritic facet joints.)
I have a standing desk and taller seat at work. I do about half and half throughout the day. It has helped with my posture when sitting and it helps stretch and keep me awake when I'm tired after lunch. About half my team has converted. The only problem now is my cubicle wall is not as tall and everyone can see my monitors so I have less privacy.
Recently found out I have type 1 diabetes and was told that the standing desk would be better for my circulation (my legs used to go numb when sitting for a while). Took a week or so to get used to standing, but found that I don't get a sore neck anymore, and my legs don't go numb anymore. I'm not overweight either, type 1 is autoimmune version not brought on by diet or weight, but still have to watch that circulation!
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