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Oh I'm talking on the phone while you harass me...oh see this? ITS PEPPER SPRAY!!!! 
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did someone checked the source of the original site?
Another way for Apple to make you buy their product.
A lot of mindless people saying this is apple's invention. Damn it it's the maker of this case who achieve it not apple. But whatever, apple has already stole too much credits for their technology, they fool everyone by saying everything they does is revolutionary while in fact that technology was used by other 3-9 years before. 
Is it just me or is this one of the dumbest ideas? Its already known that people who buy Apple products are not the smartest people on earth, add this case and you'll have a bunch of blind iPhone users running around. I kid, I kid .....Not really
C Bird
great, drunk ppl that have jersey shore syndrome with these?
Yikes! Just gotta make sure that doesn't accidentally go off!
you watch that go off when u r talkin on the phone!!!
Finally something useful you can do with your iPhone...
Nice way to deal with butthurt android trolls. I'll take 5. 
What if the button moves in your pocket?! 
Person accidentally sprays themselves or an innocent stranger while fumbling with their phone in 3... 2... 1...
Here is a good trol
Iphone owner: Hey stranger can you take a foto of me and my friends with my Iphone?
Stranger: Ok
Iphone owner: My eyes my eyes!!!! You held the phone wrong and press the wrong buttom.

XD :-P
Um i sory did i do that if so tell me and i am so sorry
Did any of you PENDEJOS read the article? iPhone case, not the actual iPhone.

Btw, pendejos means idiots, stupid, dumbass etc etc. Pick one!!
Now the iphone will leave you broke,lost and blind!
Say cheese! Haha don't worry no one wants to steal ur pos device!
Wow, that's impractical.  That's a lot of fiddling to do just to get it 'live' let alone discharge it.
Why not get something easier to use, like a Kimber pepper blaster?
Who thought of this ? But it's very creative
I can Imagine some stupid teens talking in their car and this thing misfire and gets into the driver's eyes. Headline news: "Deranged iPhone kills teens" 
Little late, were onto the 5 now.
Watch that pepper pray explode in those jeans causing the most horrible case of itch and burn for the ladies!
Lisa S
Regular pepper spray is easier. What if you aren't using your phone or someone just grabs it cause they want your phone, lame.
I know the trend lately is to make your smart phone do everything, but this is just silly.

Next will be a Sony device with a tazer built in, cross-marketed with a James Bond movie.  It'll only be able to annoy the target and produce a minor burning sensation due to the main battery being pathetically anemic to keep the phone 'slender' and a host of OEM and carrier bloatware having drained it first.
Can't go wrong with a ruger lcr but! 
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