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Facebook's status box is calling you by name now.
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I've been seeing the "Share how things are going, Andreas" in the status bar for just over a week now. Kinda creepy.
+Terry Mathews From what I gathered from the link, if you had an FB page, it would ask "What's going on, Terry?" in your status box.
im not from hell i have a name Dennis
Liking anything on facebook is basically forfeiting your feed to spam. I had to drop it just because I have better ways to contact people I care about and wasn't interested in being fake friends with people I never talk to anymore.

Its liberating to cut the cord.

Facebook was only a way to coordinate business dinner parties at best.

They can call me Master J or Captain Jimmy Jam...Until I stop getting endless windows 8 ads and 15 status updates a day from Felix Baumgartner, I'm done!
I dislike the changes facebook is making. I wish I could convince more of my friends to get onto google plus
Oh, Facebook is now perfect. I can finally delete this wearisome and time consuming G+ profile through which I have met so many wonderful people.
Facebook is acting frenzied, sporadically floundering wildly.
The problem seems to be that FB has an already established community of users. It would take something really really drastic from Zuckerberg to cause a migration significant enough for people to consider new options.
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