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Facebook is primed to disrupt online dating. What do you think? Think it'll happen? -
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Isn't Facebook already a dating service?
Sean M
Going back to its roots? 
No it won't .. They may have lots if data, but the quality of data may not be accurate due to people's mistrust of Facebook privacy.

I know a lot of people who use pseudonyms or put a lot if misleading/inaccurate information on facebook.
I'm pretty sure it is, isn't that where all of the people on MTV's Catfish show find their "soulmate."
Sean M
+Barry Teoh, as opposed to how "honest" people are on actual dating sites? lol
I am sure Google+ will add a dating features or something in the future, but right now Google+ are taking baby step to add new features to make sure  work correctly. All Google+  care is good customers satisfaction.  
Dating is an area that's Facebook's for the taking.

People are honest with their Facebook timeline, and they tell Facebook everything. Seriously, for every fib, how many banal truths are there in any person's profile? No dating site knows its members so well, or has them providing such a steady, revealing stream of data about themselves.
Dating on facebook was much easier a few years ago. As my girlfriend (and the 2 other "close to girlfriend's") can attest. I wonder if this new functionality really going to make a difference going forward
Also kudos for the multiracial group in the picture! Noticed and appreciated.
- Find the love of your life using Graph Search
- Send a message
- You're in the Other folder
- :(
Whatever happened to meeting your soulmate over cucumber discussions in the produce section of the grocery store? 
+TechCrunch NO, and stop trying to prop facebook up, they couldn't be any less deserving 
I hate bars and I've been single too long so it's welcome
It already has... I wonder how many divorces it has caused!
Could work well as a sub-branch of Facebook, e.g. like Zoosk. Though I agree that Facebook are not very good at anything!
Face..what?Just the reality of the useless buzz..
Do we really need all this disruption? Is the world really that blinkered and conservative? Tone it down a bit.
Its just buzz..sometimes you can know someone but is fair different than a real thing,
it also depends how you use it,,,if its a classroom-school well can have mor chance to meet someone
but i realize and i force me to use it bearing in mind than i'm approaching the life of a i step back ..sometimes i used to make some petition to help saving important
things,values..but not today,,Facebook isn't anymore for me..this happened to me
while growing and i felt and full of people i don't wanna really know
at all,but everyone is free to live it as it needs,wants.
Social sites are seeing the final straw of catching there own catfish. Which the public abuses there own rights and others profile settings which helps to make strict decision in how we are using it. 
I don't use Facebook. I have no plans to use it in the future, either.
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