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After 320 ppi, does it really even matter anymore? 
to me, that's a similar discussion as for DSLR image chips. Pixel-density is important, but at the end the quality of each single pixel counts.
Steve jobs lied about the retina display... At 12 inches on a 5 inch display the highest your eye will notice is 447 or something along those lines. There's an article about it on wired.
+Jon Cilley I agree 100%. If anything, going above 300 ppi actually hurts performance. It's going to eat up more processing power and battery life to push all those pixels around. 
I've gotta get seriously close to my iPhone 4s to see pixels so besides progress for the sake of progress, whats the point? I guess it will make for a good copy point on the spec sheet and in the commercials.
+Jason Billingsley Samsung has been the only handset maker that has made real progress in competing with the iPhone, so they'll do anything to up them even more
Hopefully it comes out tougher and more durable than the Galaxy Note II's screen.
Alan Ng
Real tech innovation on this..
Alan Ng
nop! this is a real innovation.! why not :) 
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