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keep lawyers out of Politics and business
Time for a boycot of 3D Systems.  Just do a public brownmouth.
that is with all the lawsuits I have to become a lawyer, least I know I will get work. jk
It's actually hard to tell the merits of this case based on just that article but it seems harsh to refer to 3D systems as a troll since they appear to be a real company making real products.

I'm not a fan of software patents but hardware related patents make sense to me and have a long history.

It's always easy to want to take something of value from somebody else and give them nothing. In theory patents exist to protect innovators and small companies. Yes they can and have been abused but that doesn't make them inherently bad and it doesn't mean 3D systems is wrong here. 
The only one that are thankful are the lawyers
+Ivan Yudhi Not true. I'm sure the people who own 3D Systems are very thankful as well. If their IP is being wrongly used they are suffering serious harm. 

Lawyers aren't cheap and I doubt they took this action lightly. 

I'm not too happy with the inclusion of Kickstarter though. That part doesn't make any sense to me at all.
+Dylan Falk-Hutchings I don't think 3D Systems really qualify as a troll as it pertains to patents. They actually make something unlike many patent trolls. Whether the case has merit or not that is something different.
the device looks amazing really expensive though you could buy a car with that
The irony of this is sublime.... They are 3D printing companies, companies whose business is to make copies of ideas in the physical realm.... suing eachother for infringement.

It's like the RepRap suing someone for making a different RepRap or Improving on RepRap... RepRap is supposed to duplicate itself.
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