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Review: Google’s Android OS might be better suited for tablets, and the Nexus 10 is a shining example. What do you think? -
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"What do you think?"

Heh, well we haven't gotten a chance to try the Nexus 10, but I suspect we'll agree.
Well we just mean what do you think about the "concept" of this.
It seems like a very good tablet, but I really like my nexus 7 but if I was to get a 10 inch tablet I would definitely get the nexus 10. The specs and speed are awesome and its a nexus so it gets updates the second they come out.
manchistoch.. zappos. thw greatest nexus.... all right...
nice phone they are stepping there game up with the phones this year  GO GOOGLE
I think it works great on the Nexus 7, but I can see how it would feel kind of cramped on a phone. Even on the new, massive, purse-requiring Samsung phones. 
Hey Mehar where do you found that sunglasses? I just want to look stupid too. And btw, less and less people are using the remote control called Iphone! 
It would be okay if there were actual tablet sized apps for it. As it stands now, there only seems to be 12 tablet specific apps in 
I'm not sure... I know that Google will be selling the Nexus 10 inch tablet soon.  I though this one was it.
You are right the new jelly bean is just awesome
All I know is that I must buy this tab. The Nexus 7 is amazing but I just can't seem to bring myself to buy a 7in tablet because my 5in Galaxy Nexus screen is so close already but as soon as I saw this bad boy I knew I'd have to have it. It is truthfully the 1st Android tab that spec-wise can be called an "iPad" killer and I'm so happy with how far Android and Google have come with their technology. Android is the best, most user friendly and dev friendly OS ever created and I'll never forget the phone that started it our T-Mobile G1.....GOD I would give anything to go back and NOT sell that thing. Android Forever.....ummm these Jelly Beans I got are "buttery" smooth.
Compared with Asus Trans4mr tab, which one is better??????
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