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Edit: the reason I think that^^^ is because I doubt that facebook users are the type to use such a feature.
it  heavily relies on language, most of my Arabic speaking friends speak different variations of it and type it in FB using latin characters. good luck graph searching that.
Apparently I'm the only one excited about it?
+Micah Choquette problem with Graph search is that its only as good as the amount of "friends" you have, and how they use facebook, and how you use facebook. This all depends on clicking on the "like" button. Google search, knowledge graph, google now, doesn't depend on direct action from the consumer. "graph search" depends on direct action from my friends/family and I or else it fails. 
But this is competition, the more ways to search, the better. So rock on facebook. 
Can't wait to play with the feature but definitely makes for a lot more 'open' harassment. "People who live in my city" will open up a lot easier and regular reach from club promoters. "people named chris who are friends with X" who open up for some of the friend collectors who may have met you in passing at a party. 
Facebook has found a way to find its data? Gosh I am surprised...
it's still just a fancy facebook only search. so no, i'm not excited about it.
Facebook: stalk easier! I don't find Facebook as a product that compelling anymore so improved search seems cool but whatever. Google searches are for Web, FB searches are for FB. None of that changes with this....
I usually hate when people use this word but "meh" was my honest reaction to this. It'll be good for friends related searches but for everything else it'll be good 'ol Google!
+Micah Choquette no it means I have friends who don't document their lives on Facebook. Google search, knowledge graph, google now, work no matter how many of my friends use it. I happen to think the future is personal search, not group search. What Facebook revealed today is group search. 
But as I said before, more ways to search the better. So i look forward to Facebook improving it. 
Im not that fussed about searching on facebook. 
it's just another game while they look for revenue
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