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Always looking for the next thing to kill the last thing. 
iPad Mini and Nexus 7/10 will drown it out.
Not available in Canada so I went Nexus 7. Happy!
LuciO M
Ships early today because the new iPad LTE will be available tomorrow? Hmm. Mr. Bezos thinking ahead as always. 
I went with the Kindle Fire HD 7".  I wasn't interested in anything larger.  Too cumbersome in my opinion.  I practically live on Amazon, so I figured why the heck not?  Good investment for me.
You would only ever buy one if you didn't know the Nexus 7 existed.
I bought the first Kindle Fire and really love it. It does everything I want it to and it performs flawlessly. Being integrated with Amazon's  Prime services (which they add to frequently at no extra charge) just makes it all the sweeter.
The Nexus 7 is awesome and I'm sure the iPad mini is too. Why limit your experience with an Amazon product?
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