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Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be writers -
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Not all authors are writing bad and depressing novels. Without writers, many more people wouldn't be able to read or write. So let them be.
I'm a little confused about what the author of this article is advocating. But he brings up a good point: now that anyone can publish and broadcast, the world will change. And we don't know exactly how yet.
"...go great or go home." I heard that. I'm a writer myself and, the article is right on with being "good" just doesn't cut it anymore. Publishing is such a lean business nowadays, small profits/high costs, the industry can only take chances on greatness--UNLESS you are a celebrity in which case mediocrity is allowed.
blood, blood, and guess what, more blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like those book boxes people are putting in their yard
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