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Kantar Worldpanel: Apple shoots back to top of U.S. smartphone sales on an iPhone 5 rocket, with Android leading elsewhere -
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Google is selling licenses for Android, Apple is basically Android OS will sell more than iOS....
and vice versa....iPhone 5 is a single flagship device from Apple vs flagship device from every other company, Google, Samsung, HTC, LG and so on!
Android is only used in USA. Other countries hate the software. Apple or nothing for them
+Andrew Wilson says who ? as far as I can see, android is actually more popular than iphone in most other countries in the world. It's the US that still sticks to shitty locked in software such as IOS and the iphone platform.
actually, i work in IT. two years ago, everyone had an iphone. including me. today? there are three iphones in a group of 70 people. more than half have samsung android devices. the rest are all android devices by other makers. Again, IT company, in the US with a Major customer who we support. Apple leading the way? pfft. yeah right.
Guys... It's Android 75% iOS 14.9%. The war is over. Android won. So stop the bickering. Last quarter, Samsung by themselves sold more than 2x as many Android phones as Apple. I repeat..Samsung alone sold more than 2x as many Android phones as the whole of Apple. It's not even close....
+Abdulrahman Kublan Android will not sell more than iOS just because it is being licensed to other manufacturers. Otherwise there would be many more operating systems outselling iOS. Furthermore, I'm wondering about what relevance you think your comment has. Can you explain?
This is obviously just for Apple's Shareholders to be able to sleep at night.  Everyone knows Android is dominating and will continue to do so.  Apple can only continue to lose market share especially when it's obvious they DO NOT have the best Mobile device out there.  The Nokia 920 already puts every phone out right now to shame and the Nexus 4 is basically the fastest phone on the planet right now not to mention the most price efficient.  Apple is done in the mobile phone sector.  
ooh, apple doubled their market share. wow. am i supposed to be impressed? what was their market share vis a vis android? what is it now? call me when apple has a bigger market share than android, which might actually be news.
and for the record, apple wont ever have a bigger market share than Android. it will only decline. Apples devices lag in innovation and iOS is buggy and cant compete.
And yet developers still make iOS versions first. And Apple is making way more money off iPhone than any other company makes off their phones. People who say iPhone is dead have their heads up Larry Page's ass.
If anyone thinks iOS is dead they are indeed morons. But anyone who thinks that they aren't at the edge of a cliff about to go tumbling over, is also a moron.
+vladimir schramowski I mean that iOS is only for Apple devices which is only in iPhone, Android is selling from Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Huawei.....etc!
and its now available from low end devices to flagship....
so it's so basic that Android will sell more! when you say Android vs iOS :)

and when u say iPhone vs any device, also it's not that right....cause Apple has 1 flagship phone on sale...Android has multi choices so an Apple customer will buy the flagship device which is now iPhone 5....Android customer will think and choice from Nexus 4, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3 and so on!

that's what I mean :) 
+Andrew Wilson China is not the rest of the world as you stated earlier. It's just one big country.
And yeah, Apple products are crazy popular in china, however most of the people can't afford those, that's why Android sales beat iPhone even in a country of sheep who just 3 years ago became iSheep.
FYI last time I checked, siri didn't work in China either and nobody seemed to care. At least Google Now can still get me directions to places, show currency exchange rates and so on.

Sorry, but I didn't read the article you linked. It just seemed like a waste of time because it's from two years ago. 
+Abdulrahman Kublan well yeah, and the next thing is the iDevices service is not worldwide, so.. its only best on some country, as like on US, but samsung got worldwide, so all users ne need to be worried :) and from now on they used a china battery which is not as good as the latest battery they bought from samsung, soo it is, the end of the iDevice
+Raka Aditya I didn't get your point, but every single company are searching for a way to save some bucks and Apple is one of them, but still Apple gadgets are well made.
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