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The real sale numbers? Well, Ballmer bought one to himself ... and that was all, I guess. 
Surdace is not necessary for me。。。
Sorry Mr. Gates, this time the war is so most difficult  that the Netscape´s war!!  
LuciO M
Modest = 5 sold so far but gaining momentum. 
I'd never buy one, nor recommend one. I can't wait for the day I can do everything with android device. I have galaxy note 2 and I a very close to doing everything on it. I just love Jelly bean and the G note 2. Cheers
I went online to have a look at prices and availability and couldn't get one except the 64gig version. Either Microsoft are doing it deliberately or they are selling more than expected. I just feel the price is to high. Oh! As a foot note, if I see Steve Balmer being interviewed or do a demo again I think I am going to go mad. He is the most irritating man alive. They should hide him and his ego in a closet. 
That really makes me feel good +beny xu. I am going to have to cover my face when I walk the streets. 
Surface sales must not be too good so far. 
+Reggie Ajaa I am a power user of windows 7. I used windows 8 and I did not find a strong enough reason to upgrade. Don't mean to be rude,. What is / are your main reason?
I have the dvd versions 32 bit and 64 bit of windows 8 pro installed it for two weeks and went back to windows 7 its feels only 50% complete lots of bugs alot of incompatibilty with anti-virus/games counldnt get steam to install it says its not compatable with 8 alot of worthless apps and all the apps you can get for free on windows 7 will now cost you from $1.49 to $90.00 anti-virus crap and IE10 IS HORRIBLE turd. i have a touch screen compatible laptop and i found the tiles to be clunky and not very responcive and turning the tiles on and off to speed up browzing sucks. and restoring windows 7 you will find out your bootable verifided dvd backups dont work on windows 8. i felt i spent more time trying to get where i wanted to go than doing what i wanted to do. this is another rushed out the door microsoft product thats not finished to user standards maybe after massive updates later on i might try again but for now i will pass on windows 8.And anyone using 8 does it feel like microsoft trys to do anything and everything to stop you from using other browsers on windows 8.
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