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Google has just announced the latest device in its Chromebook lineup: the Chromebook Pixel for $1,299 -
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Hefty price tag for a device that is meant to be used for Internet browsing and online documents editing 
Wow. That price tag made my head hurt and soul ache. There goes my interest.
What the hell, Google?! Like +Kevin Harris I can't afford that either and even if I could, i'm not going to shell out that kind of money for a machine that's basically just a glorified browser.

Maybe it's too early in Chrome OS life cycle for this kind of price range. Give me a more fully featured OS and then maybe.
1299 is so cheap.. whats the catch? No ads will be shown on the machine?
Damn expensive for a browser! Hopefully no ads shown and free shipping as well. 
Google Glass, Google Now, and the Knowledge Graph converted me from a hard-core apple fan into a diehard googler. But; the innocations of steve jobs-era apple are still being ripped, off, as evidenced by this underpowered MacBook Pro
I'm in love but I can't afford it lol I'll stick with the regular chrome book and would rather buy Google Glass
Chromebook is trying to prove its not a one trick pony. It doesn't want to only serve sub $400 laptop range. This chromebook has the highest pixels per inch display, a hefty processor, a solid metal case, and a touch screen. It's not just a secondary laptop for couch browsing that costs $250. This is designed to go after the ultra books and be the users primary computer. In all honesty I rarely need to store lots of files on my computer, or run programs that don't have web versions. One of the biggest reasons I use my macbook pro over my cheap chrome book is because the cheap chromebook feels cheap. Its plastic instead of aluminum. It has a tendency to lag when rendering 3d graphics or even watching some HD movies. I also dont like the small size of my cheap chromebook. It feels like a toy. My macbook also has a beautiful screen.

All of my complaints about it were resolved in this version. 

This is Google's attempt at an ultrabook. Will it succeed? It depends on if it can convince people that chromebooks are more than couch browsing cheap secondary laptops. That seems to be the image ingrained in consumers minds.
5-hr battery life is crazy low! I'd expect WAY more for that price.
Google has spoiled everyone with lower prices and now everyone thinks that they should sell a laptop like this at a possible loss just to appease everyone..I think this is well worth the price for the technology that is in the pixel and what it is aiming to be. 
how is it worth the price when you can pay about the same for a RMBP? don't get me wrong, i couldnt be more on google's side. But 1299? i dont understand how this is worth 1299 when i can get a nexus 10 and bluetooth mouse/keyboard. for 1/2 the price.
It's good to have a Chomebook that is not "just cheap". It's fast, easy-to-use, and most important, zero-maintenance.
A 1299 laptop you cant do anything with. Would be nice to have that display with a "real" OS and at least a few hundred gigs of hd space. 
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