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Gift Guide: iPhone 5 -

Are you hoping to give, or receive one this year?
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No. Granny Smith is the only apple I'm interested in.
Totally UN-circling you... Apple and tech are an oxymoron
Nope...selling my crapple 4S for a Nexus 4...well when there back in stock :)
I do not want an iPhone.
I'd like a Motorola RAZR Maxx HD or one Galaxy S-3, even I may consider a Nokia Windows Phone 8 too 
In fact I'd love to take my crapple 4S outside and shoot it with any type of firearms :)

Who wants to watch ??? 
Got my phone already, fastest phone in the world 
Only idiots would want an iOS device with the same 5 year old garbage junk OS. Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 is where all the cutting edge innovations are, and at unheard of prices.
Giving? No. Receiving? Yes, then I'll sell it again.
i'd love to have one ...maybe soon
Joe T
Nope. I'm thinking +HTC 's  Windows Phone 8X or the Nokia 922
Not a chance rather have a decent phone. 
When will they release an unlocked version?
Anti apple(android) people remind me of a bitter jilted girlfriend. 
Also of a 40 year old guy driving around in scion that he has customized to the extreme and thinks he's cool 
Hmm, I don't think Android is an anti-apple. I think Apple is the anti-android.
Not really. Not interested in subsidized phones. IPhone off contract prices are atrocious. 
+George Partida You think someone who thinks he's cool because he drives a shiny but substandard car is like an Android user?

If you go down a checklist of all of the new features on the iPhone 5, even (or especially) the ones they're using as major selling points, they're all things that Android phones have had for years.  A widescreen display?  Yep, and both Android and Windows phones have a higher resolution.  4G LTE?  Yep, had that for a while now.  Panorama mode on the camera?  I took panoramic photos of the Grand Canyon with my Android phone on vacation in the spring of last year.  NFC?  Oh, wait... you still don't have that yet, sorry.  A map app that sucks so much that the CEO of the company posts a public apology and instructions to the Internet on how to add the rival's mapping app back to the device?  Okay, Apple wins out there.

I'd say that someone who thinks he's cool because he drives a car lacking in features but for which he paid entirely too much is definitely more like an Apple user than an Android user.
Who has money like that besides Oprah?
+Matt Burns Thanks for the 3 paragraph reply. I appreciate your time.

If you think having all the kinks first on a phone make it a much better device,then I suggest you read what the courts decided who borrowed from who. NFC? Primitive technology. Very few merchants use it. Maybe in 4 years. Panoramic view? No one! buys a phone based on this. Its a great feature but not a strong selling point for either phone. Maps? Its the first version. How many times has google map been updated or redesigned? Over 10. I guarantee apple in another update or 2 will get it right. Did Larry Page and Sergey Brin appologies for Google Buzz? G Wave? G Print Ads? Everyone company will have some hits and misses.

More importantly Apple carries a much fbetter following culturally  In movies, tv shows, etc.

Heck no! I'd buy an android product at half the price.
Hey Everyone: Best Buy has some great Black Friday deals. The Galaxy S 3 for 49$ and the Motorola RAZR Maxx 4g lte for FREE! I mean-hot dang! Giving away some cheap, err I mean great phones. 
No, but if receive I will sale it and buy an nexus4.
+George Partida Cheap, really? You forgot to mention 2 year contract. Which makes it not cheap at all. Nexus 4, on the other hand, comes with no string attached.
When you buying iPhone for $200 your wireless carrier is paying Apple something about $600 from which $300 is a pure Apple profit margin. Of course, carrier is charging these $600+ to you over the course of two years, of course with added carrier profit.
Buying iPhone = gifting Apple $300.
I refuse to sponsor corporate greed.
No, but a Nexus 10 would be nice!
No thanks. The iPhone is too boring. 
I want my Samsung Galaxy Note 2! :o)
Buying one for myself after Christmas! Can't wait. Time to retire my iPhone 4 and graduate to the 5. By far the best phone out there. 
I operate both phones on a daily, before anyone tries to say anything about my comments to come, I've owned both in tandem as long as they have both been out.
First, apple iPhone, or the ifail as I call it. Since jobs died, the company has gone down hill. The iPhone is reliable, as long as you don't upgrade to any of their new os for atleast 6mos after its released, in comparison droid works kind of the same....
Except the coveted iPhone can't be fixed by anyone but apple, the droid is constantly changing by both owners and operators. Typing on the iPhone is a better experience, atleast I find myself less frustrated with it then I do with any droid device I have owned.
Apps, really.... Seriously anything that's worth a crap is available on both platforms, don't argue apps anymore. All it proves is you spend to much time on your phone and nit pick just for the sake of it.
I do like my iPhone a lot, its easy to use, easy to get music on and never changes.... That's also the problem if I decided I don't like the way something works on an iPhone, well tuff because I can't change it. With any droid based devices I can do whatever I want, even if I don't its nice to have that option.
I dont see the innovation in apple anymore, i see them take others and brand it as their own, the resent controversy over apples business dealings is enough to make me outraged.
I am stuck with both phones, the over under is apple wins in simple user task and longevity, it looses in all other categories IMHO.
To compare a droid user to a 40 year old man in a supped up scion.... Well you've got on thing right, the droid can be supped up, the iphone is as proprietary as a prius battery..... It only fits a prius.
I probably will always have both, but will never buy a apple product for anyone else, ilk save the cash and get them a droid.
All these android zealots really turn me off of google+

I was considering getting a nexus 4 but if its going to turn me into one of these assholes, forget it. 
Ryan Ng
I wanted a Nexus 4 originally.
But I might for once actually give in to the iSheep and get a iPhone 5 (either AT&T or Verizon, but I think I'll stay with AT&T)
Hmm..i dont think i want purple flairs on my photos..i'll wait for gs4 on Feb..
+Matt Burns if I could, I would give you more than one +
Bravo, couldn't put it better myself.
+George Partida you serious? It's call "product placement", companies pay lots of money to stick their goods in movies or t.v. shows. Same as hiring ambassadors and celebrities to promote things. To the contrary, it only implies the company itself has no confidence in the product success on its own, and need push with "cool by association" approach, by forcing it with money, into hands of celebs.

Really, you are the last one who should be defending the fruit, as you are doing really lame job, with not well thought through, child like, analogies.
+Eric Chan don't let the Apple or Android fanboys dissuade you from the purchase of a device.  Buy it because it works for you.
Its too fucken expensive.. ok!
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