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Mobile photosharing, the final social frontier -
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You gotta be kidding me. Social Trek?? Don't make me laugh. Pay to steal our information? More like piracy--it's a social ripoff.
Whaaa.... Instagram's only just jumped onto the "we'll use your likeness in an ad" train? Pffft, Google and Facebook have been doing that for years!!
+Thomas Foster Google and facebook? Just about every online service you can join has the right to use anything you upload for advertisements. The earliest example I can think of was from back when Yahoo bought Rocket Mail and renamed it Yahoo Mail.
I don't use Yahoo! products much so I wasn't very aware of that, but I agree, you can add pretty much any internet based service has the same terms as Instagram now does. I don't see what the problem is.
Already entirely deleted my photos on Instagram. Can't morally stand behind this terrible decision.
Excited for a possible Flickr revival. Myspace is next!! .... jk about myspace...
+Phil Nolan: I look forward to you showing me other ToSes for major companies (Flickr, Facebook, Imgur, Google+ / Picasa, etc) where I legally authorize another company to flat-out sell my information and photos without my consent or notification.
+Shivian Morgan They haven't changed anything in the terms that now means that they can now go and sell your information. All they can do now is show your image as part of a sponsored story on their service. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, pretty much everyone has been doing that for years.
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