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If I could get Wired on my Android, they wouldn't suck.
The only apps I like are +feedly and +Flipboard. Aside from those, the other "magazine" apps are simply vehicles to push ads and syndicated content that's already published on their websites.
I think they suck because magazines as a format is outdated. With the amount of content we can get on the web, why would I get magazines that are filled with 25% articles that don't interest me. Ultimately, getting 20 articles in one package just seems outdated in today's world where we pick and choose what information we want to digest. 

+Joseph Manna  Loved Flipboard for months now - recently discovered feedly and am loving it too.
Pulse works very well. I use it on my Asus TF201 to keep up with everything when I don't have time to get on the computer or pick up a newspaper/magazine.
I actually like the Bike magazine and Car and Driver mags (before the last update that broke it) on the iPad, more so than the print versions.
Magazines aren't dead, they're transforming. You don't need a dedicated app or clone of a paper magazine to create a great interactive experience, just an URL and a willingness to be creative and adaptive.
I have but one "magazine" I read. It's the digital edition of Asimov's Scince Fiction ( ). It works well because their format is pretty much unchanged from when they started back in the 70's. It's pure content (no ads) and the epub (I get it via Barnes and Nobles) is nice and small.
The magazine apps are not as good for at least one reason. They never include the comments section, which most of the time for me I find at least as informative and entertaining (certain sites aside) as the article itself.
I appreciate rude and crude. That's real. That's how people talk. You go boyee.
If any of you fine folks haven't tried Pulse yet, at least try it once. A tap on the article takes you to the site if you choose thus the comment sections. 
They get the job done, I usually get magazine apps if they are cheaper than their physical counterparts.  If I REALLY like a magazine (runners world for example) I pay for the physical version.  If it's a digital copy, it's typically cheaper, and if bored I can give it a little look now and then.  

Are they on par with their physical versions?  Hardly.
Just like TV, comics, news, and other media, magazines will ultimately have to accept that they are just not going to have the kind of "content monopoly" they had in analog publishing, as everything happens in real-time online, distribution has no Artificial Scarcity, as well as a shortage of middlemen to jack up prices, and the news/info itself cannot be copyrighted. ;)
Even news and creative content is turning into more of a cultural rather than economic commodity. Alas the written word is no longer worth the paper it's printed. (Kinda like my English Degree. :P ) As a writer myself, I've chosen to embrace the irony, and gave up on "making a living" off my words around the turn of the century. :)
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