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Gaurav Kumar
Apple is best when it comes to misleading... Can't understand how people accept such lies...
+Antonio Horn I won't say tech folks... I would say ISheep's :) Apple and its herd think Apple is the supreme creator who even created the universe and nothing could be better then their creations....
+Antonio Horn ikr I saw that apple commercial and was like what the hell... Only a matter of time before I hear some isheep saying something about it making the iPhone better Lmao
It's fine, but I'm annoyed that they hide behind a clever marketing name rather than just giving us the raw pixels per inch numbers - though I'm sure much of their fanbase doesn't care, or even know what ppi means. "It just works," right?
+Jeremy Tregler Really.. Have heard that argument numerous times... My nexus also works and works way better... At least you have a choice use it out of the box or customize to your hearts content...
I didn't want to say isheep....u said it I thought it. Man in 2007 it was a great phone but now it's the same shit almost 6 years later. 
Give me some 400+ PPI action. The "Retina display" is old new now. 
Well there are a lot of Sheep's in the world especially in US which houses the largest population of them. Their eyes don't see beyond 3.7" retina display :)
As much as not wanting to be part of the majority iSheep or whatever its called. I mean how can you beat the Iphones dependability? I mean yeah there's Apple and it's little limitation tendencies but the OS is always stable. And from what I hear about the Iphone 5's battery. It lasts longer then Android and Windows Phone OS based phones today. Well probably except that one Motorola Droid phone but still. I don't want an Iphone, but I need something stable so I just might go with it. Every Android I've had either slows down, the batter doesn't last as long, or there's always crashes. And when you look up Windows Phone is still has problems, random restarts, the OS not being responsive/buggy. Apple has one thing and that's dependable stability. All they need to do now is seriously either innovate or something that hasn't happened much in a while from anyone: Invent.
+Mir Ahsan well I would like to interupt there. When it comes to battery life nothing beats note 2. One of my colleagues has just bought a iphone 5 and omg his whole phone fits into my note 2's screen. Note 2 battery lasts a whole day on a single charge and even after 9pm the battery is still at 40 %. So given the fact that most of the phones out there doesn't even compare to the screen size of note 2 and the battery durability makes it the best phone of it's time. 
+Mir Ahsan I have Nexus 4 and have no issues with it...Sometimes I agree you get what you pay for and some of the cheaper Android may not be up to the mark. But those are not to be compared with top of the line competitor devices. Moreover everyone has a right to own a smartphone which indirectly means right to information... The good thing with Android is its accessible to all irrespective of their buying capacity... Also when packaged with devices like Nexus 4 it shines so bright that it makes the fruit company go nuts that they start claiming silly things...
Last time Apple had best smartphone display was when released iPhone 4. Since then they haven't being on top of that.
speaking of batteries, the fucks at apple still make the only phone with a non removable battery? Or do they just file lawsuits against anyone with that idiotic idea?  
Does the Nexus 4 have a removable battery? The Nexus 7 does not, which is sad, but at $200, it is virtually disposable.
irish d
+Mir Ahsan hard to depend on a phone with so much limitations. Those limitations gives it great battery life. But try the recent jelly beans and you'll find that you can have the cake and eat it too. Oh and the cake is huge. 
+Jeremy Tregler The Nexus 4 doesn't have a removable battery or a slot for a memory card. Not my favorite design decisions, but for the price I can't complain, and I have to admit that in practice I've never felt the need to replace the battery or memory on an Android phone.
I'll agree that it's not the best.

+Brian Tanguma Yeah the feature that has been one very tiny part of Motorola's Smart Actions for years now.

+Charles Johnson My RAZR Maxx battery is not removable, neither is the RAZR M.
My S3 has a much better display, ppi, super amoled, etc. No mention of 'retina' here. 
Android fanboys and girls are hilarious. 
+Manny Pineda And the isheep are stoic and perfect gentleman and ladies who never crack a joke or even a smile, correct?
+Manny Pineda fangirl and/or fanboy ism is hilarious, for apple or android, ...  overpay for a device or overpay for service and then say you didn't, defend denial, brainwash yourselves, etc, got to love those fanpeople :) 
crapple fanboys are as stupid as obummer supporters.. think the all high an mighty but ignore the the facts lol 
I agree. They should switch to SLCD displays, the iPhone 5s should match the ipad 4's resolution, and the ipad 5 should have some hardcore resolution like 4k.
Now that, would make the whole "retina" branding actually make sense.
I honestly don't care at all. I care about usability on a mobile device, is not a living room high end tv screen. Most of the time people use these devices while doing some other things (that's why they are called mobile I suppose), outdoor, in random light conditions, on a bus checking email etc...
All these image quality blathering to me are just press releases stunts to feed the wow factor. Definitely overrated when applied to the real world user needs.
They may have the ppi but do they have the content for it? MBP with retina showed that high DPI without the software to support it is nothing more than a marketing. You call 440 ppi without the proper artwork a better overall experience?!
Although I am not Samsung fan (I like HTC) they came up with the flexible display this year.....I bet we will see Apple in summer of 2019 with a TV commercial introducing the New flexible Iphone11s! 
+Marco Vecchi
Thats exactly the same response I get from my friends with Iphone "I dont care" " I don't do that much with my phone" .... Lol.. In reality is that they just can't.!! 
Well this is my point of view; even if anyone call me an "iSheep" which i wont really care because probably will come from an android lover with low self esteem and the need to compensate. I believe that resolution alone does bot make for a great display. There are a lot of other concept that should be consider, like color saturation, ease of use, how it project the image, construction, etc. Now, lets consider resolution. I really don't care about the 440 ppi since my retina wont see the deference from the 300 ppi threshold. Which is the point with the resolution seen all as smooth as possible. I wont be holding my phone in my face to try and see all pixels. Other thing what makes a retina display impressive is its size as has high pixels density which makes it comfortable to hold and work with. The size is purely opinion therefore there is no better than the one you consider better; and why? Because you consider many other things than just watching video. I really like that my iPhone is smaller than the Note 2. I like it that way. I could go on and on on this matter but is not the point. I will be call fanboy but i wont care; I work on the telecommunications industry and have test it, manage, used and troubleshoot many devices and upon serious consideration I choose the iPhone. Ro be fair I haven't said that any android is crap, even that I don't like the OS I never say that is crap. Lets see who is the real sheep; those who upon careful consideration make a choice or those who let themselves be cheated by crapy add campaign full of lies.
This argument over innovation is actually pretty stale.  The reality is that technical innovation and commercial innovation are two different concepts.  Apple has mastered the latter, while Google/Android has not.  Branding works. And Apple wins in the market place, not because it has the best technology, but because it finds a way to make its product offerings resonate with consumers.  A small niche of "tech nerds" study and compare spec sheets.  A much larger audience responds to presentation, interface, and branding.  Apple knows this, and Google is running a race on the wrong track.
Wth? Just buy a phone that suite ur life! Thats it.
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