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Facebook makes a huge data grab by aggressively promoting Photo Sync -
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Interesting the tech crunch failed to mention the already present feature on G+ and iCloud.
Sorry +Nate Swanner I usually check out profiles whenever I read weird comments... This time I didn't. And I #failed  
However it wasn't really "dripping"... was it? ;)
Yeah.  I turned this feature off on Google+ and I'll keep it off for Facebook..
And do you know that EVERY photo you upload To Facebook become facebook's property ? They get the right to use it , sell it. You LOSE these rights! Don't believe me? Read Facebook 's legal terms ( it's at the beginning)
I stopped using this feature on G+ a while back.  Most of the photos I take are garbage and I would rather not have to delete them in multiple places.
That said, I love +Dropbox's Camera Upload feature.  Since my Camera Upload's folder is automatically scanned by Picasa I get free photo imports from my phone and never need USB.
Fb has lost their innovation. Every new feature they release has been done by Google+ months ago. Boring. 
Sean M
I feel like "aggressively promoting" would include contacting bloggers and news outlets, which didn't happen.... This unveiling will definitely be in-your-face when you open the app, but where is the actual promoting that you claim to be occurring, +TechCrunch?
Waits for Facebook's new innovative FB connect (Hangouts) feature.
The next big thing has already happened. Viva G+.
Photo Sync sucks in all of these apps! I will upload photos to my online accounts WHEN i wish to, unless that app has a feature to detect when it's not a private photo.
Something else they can side-step your privacy concerns with ....
This seems no more of a "grab" than what google+ has been doing for a long time with instant upload.
I do love Google+ photo upload feature as a photo backup (in addition to iCloud on my iPhone). I've also enabled fb's feature to test it out.

Quick notes:
-G+ also uploads videos / fb does not
-What kind of toll are our smart device's batteries taking with all of these apps auto uploading?
I did my best to delete my pics before deactivating...for whatever that's actually worth.

I have a facebook i haven't used for 6 years because my email and password were all lost and now its just out there....floating around...publishing my youthful indiscretions while I am powerless to remove them from the public eye.

Facebook will become a national security arm before too long...they've got more intel on the world than we'd imagine possible.

At least google cuddles with us for an hour afterwards.
I really dislike how social services are trying to get us to upload photos so much.
It's definitely not bad sarcasm. I sensed it when I first read the comment. Whomever doesn't understand the sarcasm behind the comment either knows very little about what's being talked about here or is bad at sarcasm him or herself. Just saying. 
Most people upload photos to social sites. To keep them from leaving they are making it easier. And by no means required to share what is uploaded. Though I prefer dropbox. Still get the auto photo upload without the worries of it going to a social site.
If you set for WiFi upload you will save battery and data and can erase photos you font want before you connect. Eliminating the ~delete in two places problem~
Facebook is a bit behind on this. I've noticed that after G+ launched, FB tried to take a lot of the same ideas from it, and put it into their system. However, they did a terrible job at it, and showed no attempts at originality or even making it seem like it could work. 

I like the Instant upload feature, but I use it on my google account so I can backup my pictures. Being Picasa is connected the G+ from what I last remember, that helps me save them a lot.
But they will have all my photos in their servers ?
+Siam Alm In what world do you live in? How on Earth is +Google+ more famous than Facebook? And, yes, Google+ has lots of advertising campaigns and Facebook has only had one... and it was right after getting the first billionth user. Facebook doesn't need to advertise itself, period.

And I'm a Google fanboy, mind you.
I just don't trust Facebook enough to turn it on. I trust Google so i have turned it on. Facebook i feel lost there way when they became more about money then innovation. I'm tempted to delete my account if it wasn't for all my friends on it
Just like I said no to G+, I opted out of this one. I'll let you all know when I want to upload a photo thank you very much. 
I wonder where did g+ copy it from!!! 
Facebook has go a long way since 2004. 8th year
To those who stated that they would not use these photo sync services, I would counter that they are useful for on-scene reporters, traveling journalists, professional photographers, vacationers, and basically those on the roads.  The uploaded photo can be shared readily or is archived, in case your photo is stolen or dropped into the waves.  Only problem is that not every online sync service (G+, FB) provide original-sized files; only file sharing sites/cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive) do that.
+Alexander Soe , what do you mean that G+ doesnt provide original-sized files? Do you mean the actual dimensions of the photo or the file size?
Beautiful, they remind me day by day that deleting my profile 4 years ago was absolutely the right thing to do 
+Tim Beilfuss Yes & yes, goto your Instant uploaded photos or shared photos on your G+ Profile (or, mine, since I have plenty of public photos), then, 'download full size' under 'options'.  You'll get 2048x1536 picture.  The originals should be larger if using today's digital camera or modern smartphones.  My mobile phone takes 8MP photos, so they should be 3264x2448 pixs.  FB also does the same compressing of photos (if larger than 2048x1636).
So, if you want to preserve the original dimension/size, then, use a file sharing/online storage service, i.e. Google Drive.
+Nathaniel Walker Roger on inaccessibility of G+, but my initial post was about advantages of online photo sync vs. not at all.  I didn't specifically state which service was better than another.  Only included examples in the parenthesis.
Your use of Twitter is another example to my point.  Thank you.

BTW, have you thought about a single app to take care of your needs?
HootSuite seems to have added G+ integration, as I've noticed more and more news site pages are using it.  I dismissed it last year (since it didn't have all my social networks), but now needed to look at it again.
Hahaha! Wow! Old news for G+. 
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