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Facebook took a big bite out of Google today. Do you agree?
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lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seriously?!?!....ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Not really. Google's been working on incorporating HTML5 microdata to much the same effect. 
No...not really. 
Who cares about searching for what sushi my friends eat/like? Lame. 
Or this is the linkbait title du joir.
So you use google for the useful knowledge searches, facebook for the dinner photo searches, and either for hot chicks taking shots?  that sum it up?
No way am I clicking on this link-bait.  
I honestly believe Facebook should have stayed private. Just my opinion based on what has been seen since it went public. 
Erm, no. Never used google to find out what my facebook friends like/do  :S
I always go to search to get recommendations from my grandma and ex-girlfriends from elementary school.
How? Not really, when did people search using Google about what their Facebook friends like or do? 
This is about as funny as the "new" myspace.
"Facebook took a big bite out of Google today. Do you agree?"
What have you been smoking???
I hope you don't use your phone/tablet for search!
No, I'm more likely to search Google for "new Dan Brown book" than search my friends' book history.
The idea of social search is very valuable, but I haven't seen anything from FB that gives me confidence in what they'll do with it. Out of my hundreds of FB friends, there are about ten I'd trust to recommend a restaurant, and they aren't the people I interact with most online. I don't need to know that my Illinois friends think T.G.I.F. is a good place to take a date. 
why does Facebook have such creepy press conferences?
Humanity need at least 2 separate search solutions to stay safe, Its wrong to entrust almost all the information known to humanity to any single private organization.
This might be one of the most idiotic "tech" articles I've ever read. 
Time will tell. I doubt Google is taken aback by any means. While Facebook continues to make major strides the end user experience has become convoluted. Millions upon millions of people just trying to remain relevant creates a lot of noise. I predict FB's daily usage to continue to tank.
Honestly, I am convinced that I can go without Facebook existing period.

Basically, I have outgrown Facebook now. 
I guess the G+ user base is the wrong crowd to ask. I stopped using FailBook a while back and haven't seen any need to revisit. To me, this seems like another invasion of my privacy. I don't want random folk near me being able to contact me just because I like a certain activity etc. G+ does similar things I guess but the G+ people are generally decent. Facebook was full of people I hadn't befriended for a reason..
What happens when none of my Facebook friends have ever raved about some restaurant that they've eaten at on their page?  Besides, anything that is popular enough for people to even think of liking on Facebook is something I most likely already know about.  I'd much rather use Google's Local feature to read reviews of restaurants nearby and choose that way than go onto Facebook for a recommendation from someone I most likely do not like in person.
Tech... Drunk. Not even the shareholders think so. 
And that only works if you have a Facebook account with friends there. If I want to search for restaurant nearby without having a Facebook account or friends who has liked it before? How does it solves a major chunk of Google?
With FB's track record on privacy, this could potentially backfire. For example, if FB does not provide a privacy control to prevent posted items or items posted by your friends where you may get tagged to be excluded from Graph's search then there could be an exodus of people from the service. Not that G+ doesn't do it but we kind of expect Google to do it because they are a search engine...weird how that works.
It's only useful for facebook users So it does nothing for me.
Funny cause wallstreet doesn't seem to agree. Facebook can't match the services Google offers. Facebook is still a specialty shop. And Google is making better and better everyday its one stop shopping. Shopping is just an analogy here of course. Facebook is still what it is a social network. It is not services like googles model. It will not make people switch their habits of searching on Google or emailing or aggregated news or blogging or shopping or image searching or web fonts or business apps or flu trends or you tube or finance or vet connect or maps or calander or talk or g+ or earth or the far superior ad display network. Do you are where I'm coming from. Google is for services. Facebook is for connecting and because product focuses are different they will likely both exist without really effecting each other. 
it only finds crap on facebook, who cares
Tech Crunch, you must be joking!
I wonder what graph search means... let me google it real quick.
No, will not put a dent in Google. It only searches Facebook, Google searches the entire internet....
Wow - now it is possible to find out which of my friends or co-workers that live in New York and own a pet muskrat like Vietnamese food?   Google can't do that!  This is just the next bit of hand-waving from Facebook to try to solve problems that do not exist.   
hehehe....FB z nt going to even cmpare with google...
as FB itself has defended that it's nt a web search-engine..
nd i don't think that nybody z going to use the crap that FB has came up with, more than 1ce or twice a year...
Google Now on the web would answer most of what Facebook did today.
Um... no. Not even close. Maybe a tiny nibble, on a corner where it won't be noticed.
I normally search for technical questions that have answers, not where to eat, what to listen to or what to read next. My friends are too varied for that to be useful.
I think bottom line is it is another tool... If it's useful I'll use it. However it will take something really good to get me not to go to Google first.
They can't get ads that apply to me despite having had (account recently deleted)over 200 "friends", so what makes them think this friend-based search results would work? The problem that Facebook has is that most people interesting enough to have applicable interests aren't wasting their time telling FB what they are into by "liking" other pages or anything else via FB.
Am I the only one who is concerned that Facebook is now publishing your data to others? I get social and that Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Google are all also trying to collect as much data about us as possible, but they are using it anonymously for the most part. My check-ins on any of their services are only shared with specific friends, and only when directly accessed by my close friends. Yes Google is using G+ to personalize my search results, but it is a background piece of an algorithm, and unless I specifically search for a post I have access to, I don't see it, or who exactly are weighting my search results.

Does anyone really want to be searched by their boss or your friend's creepy friend to see if they like "50 Shades of Grey"or recommend "Hooters"?
A search engine that lets me search my friends' facebook profiles for stories that have previously been shared with me is useless. The fact that they improved their facebook search is hardly news worthy let alone a bite out of Google.
I never care what my FB friends do and like. Thanks google I can search wider and find people with same interests.
FB is in a better position to earn money with search then Microsoft and Yahoo ever were. I like graph search because gives search engine spammers a hard time and hence might improve the quality of the results. I don't see a huge chunk of the search market moving to FB anytime soon but I like to see some competition in the space.
As usual TC doing its thing as Apple and Facebook fanboys they are. Please Techdrunk, stop flooding the internet with this kind of propaganda crap. You're pathetic.
The only reason im keeping Facebook is the syncing my contacts pictures option on my phone. 
Facebook search that sucks slightly less hardly takes a bite out of Google. 
Facebook placed its teeth on Google and made no progress. Seems to me that the author of the article is just a facebook fan and wants to think that it will replace Google.
Theirs a broad definition to replaced. Facebook did not replace GOOGLE. Competing js a good term. 
I have a feeling that the phrase "Google that" will not be changing ANY TIME soon.
As I said in my own post on this recently, the vast majority of people on facebook are idiots, why the fuck would I want their advice on treating genital warts?
Ori huri you can sync pics to google plus 
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