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everytime i think of a function that an app could do well. i search for it in the appstore. Sometimes i find good ones, sometimes i find shitty ones, or sometimes i find none that fit the bill.

There is still space to be fought for. And definitely more polishing to be done. Just because they dont make top 100 profits, tons of apps (such as utilities) it still has a good chance to make money (at least off of me)
Harder to find apps now.  Plus, hasn't really been an exciting new app in awhile.
I figured this would happen as time went on. 
A lot of the applications that come out on iOS are generally the same thing over and over again with the exception of Vine. The majority of applications that are released are "new" and "innovative" calendar applications, most of them I probably wouldn't even use. 
+Mike Cosmi, I'd argue that the increased rate of Nexus 7 adoption has made the Android Play store a lot more attractive to Tablet developers.
+Mitchell Eve the ones that your hear about maybe but it doesnt sound like you have an iOS device, so im gonna tell you from personal experience that there are always new and exciting apps if you look (and know where to look), and even if their not exciting you can always find better helpful apps out there.

Thats the same on Android and iOS
+Mike Cosmi Some of the apps I find better on Android, for instance Taptu and Subway Surfer. Yes, I have used it on both devices. Also, individually I believe apps are better ""looking" in iOS , how ever apps are more functional on Android with 3rd party app integration. I rarely use FB or Twitter, the only two social networking sites baked into iOS. I used G+ and Pinterest. I use pocket very frequently to save my articles. I can do that from any app I want to. Same goes for dropbox and whatsapp which is a tedious job on iOS. I never liked any of the keyboards provided by iOS, Stock Android or Sense/Touchwiz. Swiftkey is the best keyboard out there. Hands down. If you got bored of Android apps, did you not get bored of iOS? I liked iOS at one point of time, but now its too boring for my taste. Launchers take the whole UI to a new level. I doubt you have used gestures. I use it to switch between apps, toggle dock, type, look at my notifications. The whole experience is tailored by my own hands and according to what I seem fit. Nothing is stock. I have not seen all of the apps on App store but theirs one thing I know for sure. Icons are boring and overlooked a lot of times. Lack of widgets is a deal breaker for me. You will never click on apps until you need them. Widgets on the other hand are interactive icons which tells you whether you need to open that app or not. I had a news app, hindu newsfeed. It delivers accurately what I need but lacks widget. Taptu, on the other hand, needs to be customized but has widgets. I find myself opening taptu on daily basis, infact hourly basis but my other app is lying around the widget and I rarely use it. If their is something that I don't like about Android is tablet ecosystem. Apps are yet to be optimized for tablet. If someone finds apps on Android are not upto the mark are either using a low end handset or haven't really used an app to its full potential.
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