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Snapseed for Android is not Nexus 7 compatible. :/
This sits nicely with that Samsung Android Camera!
So Snapseed is not available in the Play Store?
Instagram is a photo sharing social net with some filters. This is an app designed specifically for image processing. Not even in the same field as each other. 
boy this would be a HUGE uptick on making the Galaxy Camera relevent!
+Henree Garcia really?  because when I search for Snapseed in the Play Store I only get one result and it is not Snapseed.
I found it on website. Its not compatible with on my devices so does not show on the play store app.
We can all figure out the next step - Snapseed in your Google+ editor (Within the browser).
I wish people knew Streamzoo existed.  It's been around for quite some time and it's better than Instagram.
The reason people can't find it via a Google Play search is that it's a new app. For some strange reason, Google, the king of search takes a while to get new apps in the Play store index.
You can actually find it in the play store via a regular Google search (just not within the store itself).
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